The adventures roll into day two after a cosy sleep and a hearty breakfast came the antics of the middle day!


I slept like a baby. I’m not even joking, Guest is quiet, and certainly makes a change from sleeping next to a funfair, considering we got to our tent for 4am and got up at 8am I was fresh as a daisy.

We had bowls of soup (you may have already learnt this is a festival secret we discovered that everyone should try!), strong cups of coffee and we strolled out back to orange to have a chill.  

The weekend was fortunate enough to be sunny all throughout which could only mean one thing for fashionistas bursting at the seams – playsuits. Oh the burden of all boyfriends having to unzip them everytime we need the loo. 

I ended up going for my Fashion Pills lace up playsuit, the arm lace is different, charming and super edgy. In fear of losing my Crown Me Headwear flower crown I left it back in the tent but epitomised the laid back comforts of sitting around and having lasting memories. 

Boots were of course RockFish Wellies Gumdrop boots, with the funkiest Happy Feet Striped socks underneath. 


Lavish Alice Nude Lace Up Sleeve Playsuit *

Happiness Boutique Tribal Art Necklace *

Boden Peach Suede Bag *

Rockfish Wellies Gumdrop Pink Boots *

We swirled over to see Peace, I can’t even remember how many times I’ve seen them, and from the days where less than 50 people sat in for their gigs, to chatting at the NME awards they’ve become some of my favourite people. It was lush to see them last year on the main stage and despite their NME stage appearance the crowd certainly digged the new album. 

They started with 1998 (A must listen to!) and throwing out a few old classics like Follow Baby, Wraith and California Daze (perhaps my fave!) and slaying the crowd with some new tunes like Lost On Me and World Pleasure. Insane. No words. Just Youtube that gig. That is all.

We headed back to our tent to freshen up in the hot heat and putting my Swig flask to good use heading over to orange to top up my drinks in our little group. 

Straight afterwards we decided to grab some food, knowing we missed a few acts. Mexican was calling our names, guac, salsa and curly fries you say? I’m on board. Guinny went for the Nachos with cheese, guac, salsa. 

Festie food is always a bit naughty but it’s bloody yummy for one weekend, that clean eating can definitely wait till after the bank holiday!

13 year old Stephi was spinning and twirling around knowing I was seeing Panic At The Disco, for any scene kid heart throb with photos of Brandon Urie on their wall it’s a dream come true. We hung right back and bumped into Rock On Holly one of my blogger babes and her sister catching up and having some emo kid belters. Bohemian Rhapsody was covered, picture the scene Brandon singing that. It was immense! 

I found it amazing how it seems such a small world constantly bumping into people. I’d had my few encounters with the delightful Queen Beady someone so brimming we positive energy and fabulousness! Until next year girrrrl! 

Today was definitely the chilled out day with Alt J and Mumford And Sons to go we felt our energy dipping low and even lower to the point I just ran to a patch of grass for a snooze. Antics for days and snooze like a princess, that’s the life for me. 

So after awakening from my 40 winks I grabbed some extra extra extra strong coffee to kick start it all again and venture out into yonder to where ever we found ourselves. 

As the sun began to set it cast beautiful colours across the sky, a picturesque moment that can only be truly appreciated laying down. 

We met up with the gang and went for a sit off behind the screens for Alt J, no fab pictures I apologise but there’s been alot of festivals this summer for little ol’ Stephi and I’ve been on my toes for so many months. It was so pleasant kicking back, not all gigs have to be appreciated from the front.

Alt-J blew me away with tunes like Fitzpleasure and Tessellate. I got sent off into a lush day dream. (see first image and decide on a scale of 1-10 how content I look!) 

Before the big act of the night once again (yes a lot of walking!) we retired to our tents with a plate of food yum! I went for a lentil curry and Guinny a chicken, pepper curry dish. Curry warms you from the inside out and soaks up all alcohol with slow release energy for constant partying! 

We dashed off to Mumford And Sons, getting really close with loads of room to shimmy out and be spun around in. Mumford And Sons brings people together and gets everyone merry and I adore that. 

After I Will Wait and Awake My Soul everyone just went mental. Sound wise they’re festival material, perfect for resonating across tens of thousands of people and I only wish we got even closer to become part of the bigger crowd enjoying themselves but camera in hand I wasn’t feeling a broken lens. (Hypocritical as I ran through crowds with the same camera for Metallica on Day Three hehe!) 

After falling asleep around the campfire on my boyfriends shoulder it was time to depart to bed early-ish at 1am for a proper 40 winks and excited for the heavy line up on sunday!

Stay tuned for the final day of Leeds Festival!

Photographs taken on a Nikon D5100 by Patrick McGuinness & Stephi LaReine