Todays outfit is channeling evening peplum dresses, novelty bags and statement (lucky!) boots!

Lipsy Peplum Michelle Keegan Dress

It sounds ridiculous as I don’t believe in luck, not one bit. Luck is for fools, as every decision you make carves your own path and not something thrown down by Zeus or the mighty gods of Olympus or whatever your cup of tea is of greater power is.

But these boots have brought me a fab amount of luck lately and I’ll tell you why.

Skinny Dip London Heart Cross Body Bag

But let’s run through the rest of this fabulous outfit. This is one of my favourite night out combinations. I love a statement shoe against a simplistic classy dress. This is from the Michelle Keegan Lipsy Collection. The peplum covers areas so you look slick, slinky and sophisticated. Or as girls in Liverpool say the “post-dinner dress” as it covers any pizza babies from a meal out.

The Mix Cat Eye Sunglasses


Lipsy Michelle Keegan Cut Out Peplum Dress
Asos Blue Radio Star Boots
Skinny Dip London Heart Cross Body Bag
The Mix Sunglasses
Pocket Watch

Teamed with my sunglasses from The Mix, a cat eye won’t ever go out of fashion and the feminine touch of a flick is always a nice touch for an outfit. Also we all dig a little vintage frame from time to time.

Asos Radio Star Blue Boots

So anyway back to my initial point, why these boots are lucky… I took these devils down to Fashion Week and ended up spotting them in ALOT of photos. I even found my feet poking out on the front row for shows in Vogue and Glamour, not too bad for someone who could only make it down for the day. 

I’m starting to notice the little things and feeling a lot more confident, I’ve always said shoes empower women in a strange unknowing way. 

Since, I’ve had too many compliments to remember, as my go-to boot as it’s both striking and got a 70s shape which I totally dig, I can see myself making these part of my trademark look, and hopefully bring more positivity! Check out some of my favourite boots here!

Skinny Dip London Heart Cross Body Bag

Stephi LaReine


Lipsy Michelle Keegan Cut Out Peplum Dress *
Asos Blue Radio Star Boots *
Skinny Dip London Heart Cross Body Bag *
The Mix Cat Eye Sunglasses *
Pocket Pink Watch *

Lipsy London Peplum Dress

To add to my ensemble, I’ve added my latest addition to my Skinny Dip London bag collection, the cross body heart bag. Ooft. Isn’t it gorgeous? I feel like the Queen Of Hearts whenever I wear this. 

Pocket Watch Pink Salvador Dali

Bright Coloured Hair Blogger

The Mix Sunglasses Cat Eye Trend

I recently wore this to the Puffa A/W15 showing of the new collection, and it’s coming with me on a night out soon enough. I love collaborating block colour with black dresses, it’s definitely a phase I’m going through, maybe it’s a trend I don’t know, but there’s certainly a lot of colour blocking happening over at my Instagram

Lipsy Night Out Dresses

Liverpool Blogger Stephi LaReine

What do you guys think of todays lucky ensemble?