Bringing all the smells, sounds and feels of New York City life to the docks of Liverpool is NYL that offers an excitment experience of Upper Manhattan life.


Located in the former Royal Insurance Building, it’s grand structure hosts a glamorous looking interior, and so tucked away for the finest cultured characters who know of its whereabouts, and know you will too!

We headed down to see their latest menus having glanced upon getting a table for a number of celebrations. Walking in the ceilings open up into an amazing display of art decoration fittings. It’s so swanky and cool. We sat by the bar to get in some cocktails and had second thoughts on a snug sofa to cuddle up on. 

The vibe is so chill and totally hits the Manhattan lounge atmosphere. The hospitality goes hand in hand with the food and drinks served – with style. 

Our first tipple of the night was a Zombie, a deadly name for a sweet drinks, with a twist…the passion fruit is on fire. This fantastic combo on their cocktail menu is 3 year old Havana, Havana especial, Goslings black seal, Creme de apricot liqueur, a hint of grenadine, with passion fruit, lime juice, pineapple juice and brown sugar and finally finished off with a Wray & Newphew Rum flaming passion fruit. Beautiful. and Waldorf Martini which consists of Rye Whisky, Sweet Vermouth, Green Chartreuse, and Aromatic Bitters with a grapefruit twist. Strong but so flavourful. 

They have a selection of live music acts that come in, a few months back one of my best friends Cal Ruddy played the Best Of Liverpool competition and the venues get packed out, as it seems the ideal location for everyone to get into the spirit of a dance whilst finding the greatest of Liverpools latest talent. 

After being sat at our table, Guinny only saw fit to try out one of the beers, going for the Chimay Gold, a pale ale. I’m personally not big on beer, but the smile on his face as a beer lover, he was a rather happy chap. 

Served up half a loaf and a dipping sauce of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to save our rumbling tummies. But luckily course to course were flying out the kitchen at the perfect time. 

For our starters I went for Gazpacho, a vegeatarian dish of chilled fennel gazpacho, olive bruchetta, brunoise of crunchy summer vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. Full of citrus and light and refreshing whilst balancing out the bruchetta and veggies. 

Guinny on the other half went for something more substancial. The chicken liver parfait which is toasted sourdough, mango and chilli salsa with watercress. An interesting combination as a starter!

I decided to delve into another cocktail and explore the menu of their range, having had one from the strong menu, the bartender recommended the Creole Kid, a small glass of Jack Daniels, Drambuie and hints of Rhubarb with a washed Absinthe glass, finished off with a lemon twist. Extremely strong and not for the faint hearted, it was a whizz and bang of strong flavours in your mouth and certainly one to be sipped, carefully.  

We followed up for our last two courses with two new palette cleansing fruity combinations. The waitress said their most popular drink is the Liberty Pornstar, which is Stoli Vanilla vodka, Passoa, lemon juice, vanilla syrup, fresh passionfruit and pineapple juice served with a side shot of prosecco. It was such a lush combination and definitely one for the girls as its so super refreshing!

Guinny had the Carribean Martini as a spiced rum lover too it was inevitable with such a great name behind each beverage. This compiled of Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Chambord, pineapple juice, lemon juice and Orgeat syrup. 

As for food we tucked into Wellington, another vegetarian dish, you would think I’m a veggie with half of my choices, but I’m not! This delicious combination included sweet potato, spiced butternut squash and spinach wellington, summer ratatouille with tender stem broccolli, baby carrots and red wine reduction. A very autumnal dish now we’re in the equinox. 

On Thursdays the NYL host a steak day where a selected steak and glass of wine or beer is only £20 which means Thursday will be eating out night for us two. 

He went for the 8oz fillet steak with side salad and we shared out a selection of fries with truffles and parmesan and onion rings with side sauces of Béarnaise sauce and 3 cheese and herb sauce. 

Last but not least it was time for a treat, post fashion week stress always calls for something smothered in chocolate. 

Guinny had the orange tart, chocolate ganache, blood orange jelly, burnt orange caramel,
chocolate & honeycomb dust. Whilst I sported Cookies & Cream which was  Oreo cheesecake, white chocolate & vanilla mousse, seasonal berries, nut brittle crumb. 

A slice of heaven in the perfect amount to send us on our way. 

NYL also offer up a breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea menu, which can only mean popping back in for a selection of cakes. Huzzah. 

There’s no getting closer to New York in England than NYL