It’s only human to feel uninspired, it’s only human to look to other people and think why aren’t I like that, or doing the things they do? Or sometimes when you try so hard to do something and feel like a failure. Don’t worry I get like that too like the next person does, you’re never alone and you shouldn’t let anyone get in the way of what you want to achieve. 

Would Chanel Do it, advice post by Stephi LaReine

Let’s go back to the above image, Would Chanel Do It? But really… Would Chanel Do It? This poster sits in my studio and its big, bold and clear statement keeps me going. I know that sounds silly but we all have little things that keep the inspiration train going, whether it’s an A1 poster sitting in front of your work or someone who kicks you up the bum from time to time, there should be something in your life to keep that dream alive. 

I don’t look at this poster for it’s commercial properties to aspire to a “luxurious” lifestyle but the decisions that lead to an iconic household name and connotations that set it apart from the world. I’m sure Coco Chanel was shamed at some time in her life, and wanted to throw her head in the hands and scream, but it’s all about being a trooper and never let the world get you down.

It’s good to have dreams and aspirations, life would be a boring place if we didn’t aspire towards something, but it’s what we do with ourselves when it all goes wrong or doesn’t go to plan. That’s the one thing I was taught as a child is that you should re-strategise and try again if you want something. 

I thought today I’d share some helpful advice for when you’ve got the blues and just want to tear everything up and curl up in a ball. 


Maybe it was the fire in your tummy to change something, be something and contribute skills, abilities or your opinion onto the world! Maybe you were told you were wrong and you’re proving a point. Something ticked in your head to tell you maybe I should try this! 

Personally I love going back through my archives, to the very beginning where things began to see the first string of words that had me nervous and excited to contribute my thoughts to the world.


If you’re overworked, stressed or unscheduled it’s hard to see a clear trail of thought. I reccomend taking frequent breaks, particularly if you spend long periods of time on a screen or working close up on paper. Getting your mind out the headspace of whatever it is you’re cooped up in will give you perspective on your progress, how far you’ve come and how far to go. Put yourself in the shoes of another for a moment looking in at your situation.


Some people almost have to prove to themselves what they want by telling another (It’s funny how the human brain has to express to comprehend!) Find that person in your life that no matter what they’ll accept you for what you say and tell them your amazing aspirations. They might be your inspiration to keep going and because you’ve vocalised your dreams it pushes you to try harder and pursue that promise you’re going to deliver!

Crazy I know but believe me it works! I go to my boyfriend, family or friends and ask their thoughts on something or maybe just to vent (yes venting is healthy!) and their feedback no matter how critical is my kick up the bum.


I’ll never stop posting this quote from Ferris Bueller but Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Take a mental note of how far you’ve come so far, make a comparison but don’t be judgemental of how you first started. Remember all successes started with a single idea and everything had to begin somewhere. Prepare your mind for all the exciting things that life brings you and how all your decisions have given you the quality of life you exist in.


There’s truth in the lyrics of Florence Welch, where there’s darkness there’s light. Light is hope, light is change and the new day of achievable things. It’s the rollover from Sunday to Monday when you promised yourself to eat better. It’s the cut off from the past of bad memories. It’s remembering that no matter how bad things get there’s always a way out. I always think if musicians can cope with heart break, loss and sing to thousands of people then I get over whatever is stopping me and get back on track to achieve my goals!

Things when you want to give up

Hopefully you’re feeling revved to get back to being wonderful in every way, we’re all born with talent so use it and make yourself proud of what you’ve become

What do you do when you’re down?