Today I’m talking about a cut price equivalent of a gel manicure, finally something that can be used for the busy people of the world! Huzzah!

Sensationail Review Home Manicure Kit and Results

Now I’m the worlds biggest fidget , born and bred. Literally the only way you can keep me still is watching a movie, I’m like a child I’m difficult to sit down as I’m constantly wizzing round and find that as much as I love an in salon treatment sometimes they may not be practical for my schedule and we have have important things to be getting on with and waiting around for nails when you need to get busy with your hands can be a real bummer.

Sensationail Review Home Manicure Kit and Results

I’ve been testing out the Sensationail Kit, something that’s supposed to have a hella lot of money instead of getting in shop treatments they guarantee salon quality nails, and I’ve been super impressed with this product and it’s quite nifty.

Instead of waiting around all day for nails to dry, blowing on them etc Sensationail promises nails are dry in 20 minutes (and they actually do!) 

I honestly wish they had these out when I was a teen, I loved having fun with nail art and the kit makes it look super professional. Let’s go through why this thing is so useful and revolutionary in the world of nails!

Sensationail Review Home Manicure Kit and Results

The kit utilises a safe Pro 3060 LED lamp to flash harden nails sealing in colour and leaving the finished result as a high gloss manicure.
I’m fond of the diversity in the kit, as there’s so many colours and styles of nails to create from having the basics.

I got their Starter Kit which includes an LED lamp, Gel Polish, Gel Primer, Buffer, Gel Cleanser, Lint-Free Wipes, Gel Base & Top Coat and Manicure Stick.

Sensationail Review Home Manicure Kit and Results

Sensationail Review Home Manicure Kit and Results

I’ll walk you through a Sensationail Gel Polish…


 prepare your nails by using the gel cleanser to remove existing nail varnish. Apply the primer and let it air dry for 30 seconds. 


Apply a thin coating of the Base/Top Coat and put each hand in the LED lamp for 30 seconds (it beeps when to switch, and turns off after 60 seconds) 


Now for the fun, apply your gel polish in the colour of your choice and cure under the lamp for 60 seconds per hand.


Apply another layer of the Base/Top Coat and put under the lamp for 30 seconds to cure.

Let’s see some results from my home manicure

to give you an idea I’m typing immediately after doing my 5th manicure with this kit and I’m impressed with how long each one has stayed on for. 

Todays manicure is a combination of their lilac polish, silver glitter and purple glitter dashed on, I’m not perfect with my nails or the style but I like unique rather than a basic colour sometimes. 

My previous trials were hot pink with a matte coating, light pink with silver glitter, brown matte and clear with silver glitter. My personal preference has been using the glitters (I love glitter art!)  and looks a little different.

Sensationail results

Overall the process itself is easy to follow, and handy that the LED lamp turns itself off after 60 seconds. I found the end result left a moisturised layer after my top coat had cured but after a quick wipe on a lint free wipe (as recommended) I could touch things within 20 minutes! Hooray for dry nails!

It’s available in Boots so I highly recommend checking it out and investing in one of these for speedy creative nails!

Sensationail Review results

What kinda nails is everyone loving right now?