Dressing like a childrens tv presenter, partying with the Augustines, sipping cocktails and ending the night with a boom of confetti! Day two at Kendal Calling and the fun has just begun!

Kendal Calling is like no other, it’s a rainbow of colour all day long and I can’t decide what I like more, daytime KC or night time KC?!


Our adventures began with a tin of soup (don’t shame our food choices when you need something hearty and warm in the morning!) Part of me wanted to nip to Strumpets With Crumpets to have some toasted crumpets oozing with butter and nutella but the soup set me up for the day!

First on the agenda was The Augustines, one of our faves of the weekend – if you want passion and excitement in a band go see The Augustines they’re like no other!


Yellow Raincoat * // Puffa

Dinosaur Jumpsuit * // The WhitePepper

Pink Lace Up Boots * // RockFish Wellies

Pink and White Leather Backpack * // The Whitepepper

After nipping back to our tent for a bit and stocking up on Funkin drinkies we hit the fields once again, running around for the Press Centre to charge our phones and bumping into people we know, somehow half the day consisted of this (god knows how!) We ran to Tim Peaks Diner to find we couldn’t get into the building to watch Blossoms so another set so we ran to Temples (much more important!) and was swept up in some psychedelic vibes, they’re just so wonderful and even better the second time I’ve seen them.

I exhausted myself from Temples so much we needed to stock up and highly reccomend the burgers at the Texas Smokehouse, and spiced chips, something in them literally keeps you going all bloody day!

We tootled off down to the Blow Out Stage by the lakes to find only the singer from the Augustines -wow! I should point out he is a real dude and a half, despite looking like Fred Flinstone in a tiger cape! He digged the dinosaurs, but let’s be honest… who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

Oh I forgot to mention look how many birds he has crawling on him! It pays to be so bloody cool!

Next up was the biggie of the night, once again within a few months The Vaccines are never a million miles away, back at home and here to stay for  bit! 

Despite the volume of Justins mic it was a stunner of a show, I’ve never been right in the middle always the front so it was amazing to see how far back the crowd went, literally all the way up the hill and round the corner!

And yes there was confetti! A beautiful ending to a beautiful day!

Stay tuned for day three and four!

What did you make of my KC experience so far?