Finally here comes the sun! Day three saw the likes of Nick Mulvey, The Horrors, Turbo Wolf, Sugarmen, Super Furry Animals and of course Elbow.


It was sooooo hot and so very sweaty, Lake District why are you so confusing? It’s either pouring it down or magical the skies open up to blue wonder!

Whilst everyone was sporting long sleeve tee’s, bringing their jackets and jeans I somehow subconciously I had to bring something in case the sun was in full swing. So I went head to toe in black (foolish or smart) to stay warm mixing materials and textures for a funky ensemble on fancy dress day. 

If I’ve learnt one thing this from that weekend is that Funkin Cocktails Strawberry Daquiri is the ultimate festival drink, especially amongst the girls (I got too generous and found myself without any for the last day sighhh!) 

Our first early start saw us seeing Nick Mulvey, I heard lovely things about him and wasn’t my choice but I stuck around and was pleasantly surprised by the chill vibe so early in the afternoon, he’s the kinda act that would blissfully wake you up or sing a lullaby to sleep. 

Next I was excited for The Horrors, the only thing is that they’re so on/off and some years are great some not so much and for a fan of The Horrors this was a not so hot performance, no one could hear anything and seemed so unengaged to the point of most the crowd walking out. Glad I stuck around for Who Can Say as it seemed the only audible song they played, they all looked on fleek (as per) but next time get a better sound engineer!

We had some time to spare so we started running around the site causing havoc, dashing off to the helter skelter for a quick ride, the man at the top had a bit of a shout at me as half way down I turned around and climbed back up to have another go (woops) 

Frankly it’s not Kendal Calling experience without a whizz round on the helter skelter full of Funkin Cocktails Strawberry Daquiris!


Fluffy Halter Neck Top // Missguided (similar)

Black Cut Off Shorts * // Nasty Gal

Watch * // Klaus Kobec

Pink and white leather backpack * // The WhitePepper

Lilac Wellies * // RockFish Wellies

Mirrored Sunglasses * // Polette 

Guinny got me a sunflower, I hope it becomes a trade mark of Kendal Calling as there were few people I saw that didn’t have one or ten covering them. All the funds went to a charity so the good cause was more of an incentive to stroll around looking colourful and broke up my goth-like ensemble.

Next up were TurboWolf, something you cannot simply put into words, they’re just so wonderful and even though the music may not be everyone cup of tea it will be one of the coolest and best vibes you’ll be in the presence of, they’re just soooo full of energy and the singer is definitely the love child of Freddie Mercury!

They’re funny, fab, heavy but melodic with electro (see how I can’t describe them) just soothes you whilst the singer lets you take a breather to centre yourself, it’s like doing yoga at a festival before a mosh pit forms before you can blink. Watch them here it’s just insane!

We decided to take a breather after TurboWolf, grab a bite to eat (falafel as per) and retreat to the cinema, we missed things like Pulp Fiction but the Elbow tour dvd was on so watched half an hour before we danced off into the forests for Sugarmen a local band from Liverpool (waheyyy!)

Such a great band in a lovely setting although I wish they were put on a bigger stage so more people could of appreciated them, although are we loving the chandelier of Jack Daniels bottles? Cause we think it’s time to get crafty and DIY one for the household!

Next some sad-ish news… Kodaline cancelled last minute (booooooo!) I was so looking forward to seeing them but luckily a last minute Super Furry Animals were parachuted in to play an awesome gig, coming out in white overalls and a Stig like helmet, odd but it was fancy dress day!

Now last but certainly not least was the wonderful and fantastic Elbow, I’ve been in envy of everyone who’s seen Elbow over and over again and never had the privilege of seeing them…until now that is. 

We were knackered and such a good band to wind down to! We say wind down we mean slump on each other til a heavier track came on to store up energy, 

It was so surreal and such a deleight, I love how talkative everyone was and made you feel like part of a movement, like you belonged to the moment (super deep I know!) but we all walked away with our jaws on the floor and goosebumps. 

They’re definitely a festival band as every song is made to play in front of thousands, I want to see them again and again and again!

Once again an early night was in order for gabbing at the tent with the neighbours followed by nightcap Funkin Cocktails

Stay tuned for day four coming up real soon, but for now what did you make of my day three?