From the heat of Spain to the mud of the Lake District, this contrast in festivals can only mean one thing (or two)… rain coat and wellies. I got to run off to Kendal Calling with Funkin Cocktails and share the fruity fun

Kendal Calling Day One Festival Fashion Blogger

Thursday morning there we were cups of coffee in hand and a festival trolley of goodies checking in for our train… perhaps the best train available on the planet, the Kendalino. As part of Kendal Callings 10th big blow out birthday Virgin collaborated for a whole train of celebrating. Picture the scene, Beardyman rapping on your carriage as you’re beyond tipsy at 11am and revving to put up a tent.

Festival Fashion Blogger Stephi LaReine


Beardyman Kendalino Virgin Train to Kendal Calling 2015

Funkin Cocktails Pina Colada Festival

We partyed and met the best two girls from down south who proved that competitions do actually have winners (yes I know savor the moment because it’s rarer than unicorns!) cracking open the Prosecco being served by the bottle (not glass!) whilst in our right hand had the american high school red cup of dreams that is Funkin Cocktails Pina Colada!

It was super surreal running carriage to carriage dancing to Beardyman with a tannoy voiceover that feels like you’re running away from The Joker in a weird videogame. This was not the average train but now they feel boring when Richard Branson isn’t involved (and quite ironic that we were in first class’ ‘Quiet Zone’ on a party train!) 

Stephi LaReine Kendalino Virgin TrainPatrick McGuinness Kendalino Train Kendal Calling 2015Festival Blogger For Kendal Calling 2015

In what felt like a heartbeat we were in the Lake District putting up a tent, we went for The Shire near Family Camping so we could actually sleep, it’s more child-friendly and a more family orientated festival which makes you feel super secure! I kicked back whilst Guin put up the tent and did what I do best, make the drinks! The cocktails were in full swing!

Blossoms Band Kendal Calling 2015

Blossoms Review For Kendal Calling 2015

Act numero uno was Blossoms, sporting the same ensemble as Liverpool Sound City if you wanna see previous snaps back in May, we bumped into them outside Tim Peaks Diner for a quick chinwag and missed their DJ set, as always they were b-e-a-utiful! They’re the kind of band made for festivals so check them out, can’t wait to see them the third time this year at Leeds Festival!

Yellow Puffa Jacket Festival FashionBlack River Review at Kendal Calling 2015

The other act on the Kendalino train was Black Rivers, who I still can’t see anyone else but the lovechild of Bono. Such a unique sound and an ultimate find that weekend, perfect to rock out to, to get the vibe pumping!

Stephi LaReine at Kendal Calling

Kendal Calling Festival 2015 map

Stephi LaReine purple pink pastel festival hair

CloClothes handmade marble playsuit festival fashionThe WhitePepper Pink White Bag Festival Fashion

Kendal Calling reminds me so much of Glastonbury it’s so artsy, colourful and vibrant with excitement in every corner, we went back to our tent to stock up on drinks as Strawberry Daquiris and Bramble flavored cocktails were flying tent to tent as the weather got murkier and the gorgeous sun retired for the night.Funkin Cocktails Bramble Flavor

Kendal Calling Review 2015

Kendal Calling with Stephi LaReine Festival Blogger

Festival Fashion Purple Hair Blogger Stephi LaReine with Funkin CocktailsThe WhitePepper Bag and Puffa RainCoat: What Stephi Wore


Yellow Raincoat * // Puffa

Marble Halterneck Playsuit * // CloClothes

Lavender Wellies * // Rockfish Wellies

Pink Leather Backpack * // The WhitePepper

Moon Choker * // Lilac Moon

White Crystal Watch * // Klaus Kobec

How To Dress At A Festival: Kendal Calling Rain Coat Playsuit

Stephi LaReine Kendal Calling Festival Blogger 2015

My festival ensembles a very special one, involving some new brands that I’ve fallen for head over heels and my festival go-to’s. My rule of thumb is flash one bit of skin (maybe two today) but I’ve been digging halter necks and this handmade marble playsuit from CloClotthes is the perfect festival outfit or for a holiday, simply whip off the wellies and jump into some heels and boom beautiful summer outfit! 

This has been teamed up with a trusty Puffa Raincoat, I got a silly amount of compliments on the most fashionably cool and practical raincoat, and yes I did need it (it is the Lake District frankly!) who said raincoats had to be boring when they can fun, funky and last for decades! 

Styled with my The WhitePepper pink and white bunny backpack which literally fits anything and everything in (or for us two cameras, chargers, phones, cocktails, glasses and a change of clothes, handy or what?!) 

Lastly, a new one for me at festivals…wellies! I’ve always been a Dr Marten kinda girl but when you’ve got mud to your knees its a different story! RockFish Wellies have soooo many colours so I’m sporting a lavender pair and got them in their tall range to stop any sneaky rain getting in!

Funkin Cocktails Blogger Stephi LaReine at Kendal CallingCampsite at Kendal Calling 2015James Band Review at Kendal Calling 2015

Our last act of the night was James, such a crowd pleaser I only knew a few songs but everyone went totally bonkers, so it won’t be the last time I see them!

Pastel Hair at Festivals with Stephi LaReine

Bramble flavor cocktails with Funkin cocktail

Surprisingly in bed by 11 with the rain coming over our tent like a forcefield we thought we’d leave the late nights to over the weekend and what a first day of many more ahead!

What do you think of my first day at Kendal Calling?