We’ve seen the rise of Rainbow hair over the summer, it’s always been on Pinterest all along and I’m glad it’s resurfaced.How to Get Sand Art Rainbow Hair by Stephi LaReine

I’ve been using Fudge Paintbox since mid 2014 and dabbled in other brands but found for ultimate unicorn brights they’ve been my favourite go to.
Fudge Urban Paintbox Colours

With the likes of Georgia May Jagger and others plunging into the land of colour I wanted to give an indepth tutorial on how to achieve this. 

The difference is all in the parting between ombre and sand art.

For the past few months I was slapping on the dye strand by strand to achieve different tones, colours but had no idea what my hair looked like overall. Til I realised if I parted my hair differently I can achieve different ‘hideaway colours’ 

Zigzag hair sectioning

It’s all in the zigzag. Trust me, it works!

Get a comb that will separate your hair horizontally and do a zigzag from one side to the other and clip up the rest starting from the nape of the neck. I used a few bobbles to pre zigzag my hair into 5 separate ponytails and tied all the ponytails together on top of my head.

Grab a weft of hair and colour in the root one colour, followed by another colour 1/3rd down and another colour, whether the same again or a third and use your gloved fingers to slightly massage the colours together so they blend. 

The fantastic thing about my zigzag approach is that even if the colours aren’t blended together well the layering of colour will be more disguised under other hair instead of straight horizontal lines around your head.

Dying hair with Fudge Urban

Proceed to the section of hair next to it and invert the colours or try totally separate ones! 

Keep doing this til you’ve finished one horizontal layer of hair. Unpin the next layer and keep doing the same.For my hair I’ve started to let the colour width get bigger so bigger chunks of hair are used and more blended than choppy blocks of colour.

So let’s see some befores and afters 

Here’s me with a fresh head of rainbow goodness. Tada!

Trying out Fudge Urban Paintbox Colours

Rainbow Hair Fudge Urban Paintbox Colours Review

How To Get Rainbow Hair

This trend will really bring out some creativity and as someone who’s not qualified in doing hair it shows anyone with an idea can do it! 

Over the next few weeks I’m gonna be trying out some varieties of my zigzag technique 

What do you think of this?