Do we really need to travel to distant lands to get away from it all, when some of the greatest beauty lies in your hometown!

Exploring UK and Ireland for local budget holidays

Okay so maybe Mount Snowden isn’t my backyard but I can see it out my parents window when I visit!  You all probably remember last years Guide To A Staycation, which is the luxurious guide to slouching around and enjoying the little things in your home that makes it sanctuary. 

Today I’m chatting your local area and what you can find in your own backyard (and beyond!) 

Stephi LaReine Travels

Holidays can only last days, weeks and if you’re incredibly lucky months, but I think the best holiday of them all is to explore your own city. In the depths of your hometown lies history, stories and life stories. Some of us don’t see anything more than a place we reside in, or work in, but there’s so much more to a city or town that you live in, so explore your area of residence in Jury Inns Guide To A Staycation, which boasts a directory of helpful information about your local attractions and places you may not of considered seeing. I highly recommend exploring this guide as it cuts out all money seeping tourist attractions leaving a lot of free options to read about!

Mount Snowden from Llanberis

Or maybe you wanna shuffle around the UK and try out a few places, in the same way that people down south are oblivious to what’s to offer up north, I’m exactly the same with down south and it gave me a great insight in tourist attractions into the nooks and crannies of this island. I’ve been reading a lot about the south coast as I’ve never explored there before, for me south means London but I’m planning trips to bounce around the country on a budget and see where I end up as there’s so much to see on this little island to stop and look around at. So before you book your next flight see if there’s somewhere in the UK that tickles your fancy. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that a lot of Welsh beaches are mistaken for being foreign, especially South Wales beaches like Harbour beach in Pembrokeshire.

Or if you’re more of a city break kinda person like me there’s The London Staycation, Northern City Breaks or try out somewhere fab like Dublin a few suggestions amongst the many great ideas, and I’m getting wanderlust thinking of all the trips I want to start planning!

Where abouts are you heading this year or has this inspired you to try something local?