Llanberis is such a beautiful place at the beginning of Mount Snowden with a culture of lovely helpful people, yummy foods with gorgeous views of mountains in every direction. 


On my trips around Wales is stopped off by the lakes and took the lake railway, explored the town  and took midnight strolls by the mountains. Not only was a pleasently surprised to find a ram in a carpark and to watch a storm flow by within an hour and turn into the clearest nights sky full of twinkling stars but tried all the local food. Our favourite place being this joy, if you’re in Llanberis, please hit up Peak Restaurant. 


Pink Shirt * // Fashion Pills

Stripe Dress * // Golddigga

Jelly Shoes  // Juju

White Backpack * // Primark

We took a stroll down to the mountain side pre dinner, as the waves slowly calmed throughout the evening and the sun turned golden and illuminated the sky, we sauntered over to The Peaks just around the corner on Llanberis High Street for a table by the window and a delicious Welsh meal. 

Peaks is probably one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had just based on the quality of food vs the price. The atmosphere makes you feel like you’re in someones living room having a dinner party that’s mellow but so vibey simultaneously. Serious recommendations for the talents on behalf of the chef, putting twists on classics and sensational ingredients with unexpected surprises.

Soup for starters, the leeks were so creamy and the bread home made with proper slaps of butter, I could have this again and again. The portion sizes are very helpful and as someone that likes to save 10% for dessert the temptation to hold back finishing was hard with 2 courses to go!

I tried out an creamy avocado dish (can’t remember what it exactly was) as a light refresher and made me fall into my avocado spiral (everything is now topped or smeared with avo again hehe!)

Next was something I really wish I could truly make at home, something so up my street when I make buffets I need to tackle this recipe, this is roasted butternut squash filled with rice and beans topped with toasted goats cheese and a side of rocket. Utterly amazing. 

This was my favourite meal of my entire time in Wales, for sure. Yes even better than the best Welsh beef you’ll probably ever try.

One of the wonderful things about this place is the sense of authenticity, all meat is supplied with big platefuls of veggies and home cooked roasties, better than your aunt could ever make. With such attentive friendly waitresses and chefs (I mean it is Wales, everyone is super nice…almost too nice!) you feel right at home and you invest in great dining and an experience above all. 

Last but not least everyone was sharing out desserts as usual from the super deluxe fudge chocolate ice cream sundae to the blueberry cheesecake (ungh!) to the point of absolute explosion.

The restaurant make you feel right at home, and they know for sure with Welsh roadtrips on the cards expect more instagram snaps of me stuffing my face in this place!

What did you think of my wonderful evening?