I’ve got a die hard post festival depression from Benicassim, day three was a riot with the Reverend And The Makers, Mark Ronson, Kaiser Chiefs and Blur bouncing around the mountains fuelled by the best falafel in town!

Stephi LaReine Benicassim Festival Blogger with pink hair

How does one simply describe an unfortgettable day? Where do you begin apart from perhaps the beginning?

That morning my feet had enough of being crushed as someone got stomp crazy on my left foot leaving me to boing around like a raving Snape and with my foot bandaged up like a mummy I was determined to have a fantastic day! Omlette for breakfast (3pm oops!) and we flagged our Airbnb host to drive us to the door of Benicassim.

Benicassim 2015 crowd day three


Location Benicassim Festival 2015

First on the list was Reverend And The Makers, a personal favourite back in the UK and hits a heartstring knowing they’re northern like me, frankly people from both Liverpool and Sheffield/Leeds are some of the best in the world and we create the most amaazing music.

Honestly couldn’t pick my favourite song as the Rev epitomised what I like to hear in a live band, quirks that couldn’t ever be on a clean studio album. Isn’t that why we all go to festivals?

Reverend And The Makers Benicassim 2015

Reverend And The Makers Benicassim Spain Review

The Rev singer

Reverend and the makers singer


Festival Fashion Summer 2015 Boho Style Stephi LaReine


Lace Pixie Dress * // 8 Cubes Of Sugar

Tennis Shoes // Primark

Gold Watch * // Storm

Rings: Susan Caplan, I Heard They Eat Cigarettes, Regal Rose

Stephi LaReine and Patrick McGuinness Guinny

Festival Fashion BlogBetween Reverend and The Makers and Mark Ronson was a bit of a blur, it got dark incredibly quick by the standards of 3pm alarm call but we knew we needed a falafel pit stop, to which I can say it was the healthiest, quickest and tastiest falafel I’ve ever had (as a connoisseur of falafel so if you’re ever at Benicassim try this place (sadly the names been cut off but look for this place anywhom!) You will not regret the five euro!

Also I should point out by festival standards all the food is super duper cheap with the most elaborate of burgers costing less than 8/9 euro! Although drinks can add up to be a tad pricey and sold in ticket form as 3 tickets equates to a single rum and coke which is 9 euro (eek I know!) so stick to the local beers and wine as they’re only one ticket!

Festival Food Falafel at Benicassim with lifestyle blogger Stephi LaReine

Stephi LaReine festival blogger at Benicassim

Next was good ol’ Mark Ronson, my shocker of the night as I expected to know one song (three guesses which new song I’m referring to!) but nooooo he blew me away and I completely forgot my foot was mashed up as the funk took away the pain, so music is a remedy, be a trooper and dance to Mark Ronson if in doubt!

Mark Ronson at Benicassim Festival

Mark Ronson Benicassim Festival 2015

I was super psyched for Kaiser Chiefs, having seen them years ago it was interesting to see how they’ve improved so much on what seemed a fantastic band (un-biased journalism alert!) Lively as ever leaping from one end of the stage to the next, although there was elements of a pantomime act, whether they’re just being crowd pleasers or not if definitely got us revved!

Kaiser Chiefs Benicassim Festival 2015

Benicassim Festival

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs Festival

Benicassim Las Palmas Stage

Kaiser Chiefs SInger 2015

Between Kaiser Chiefs and Blur we retired to VIP for a roll around on the beanbags, a game of ping pong, a beer and rest before the mania of Blur!

VIP backstage at Benicassim Festival 2015Blur at Benicassim Festival 2015

Blur were literally incredible, we knew a girl in our BlaBlaCar who came all the way from Malaysia to see Blur play (incredible I know!) Sadly my feet couldn’t take standing up in a packed out crowd for very long so it was nice being carried out to Tender and spending the rest of the set parked on the floor to watch everything unravel, naturally when the vibe takes us (and as I said music cures all injuries) I was not too tired for Song 2 before I was up and bouncing around. It was one of those Bucket List moments that you can’t really put into words how much I meant from being a child of 3 head banging screaming woooohoooooo around the house to the ripe age of 21 doing the same thing.

For sure the highlight was Beetlebum (forever my favourite song!) and I’m praying I get to see them again, and again and again!

Blur set at Benicassim Spain 2015 ice cream

Blur playing Benicassim 2015 festival

What did you think of day three?