The final instalment of my Benicassim series, all good things finish well and it was certainly memorable, despite everyone being a bit tired and run down from the previous hectic nights that didn’t stop the party from carrying on through Public Enemy, Franz Ferdinand & Sparks and Portishead!

Festival Fashion Blogger Street Style at Benicassim

The weather was beautiful and bright, once again a late wake up call and late stroll down to Benicassim for a cracking variety of acts a weird deranged line up like you’d never expect.

Mountains at Benicassim Festival 2015


Public Enemy at Benicassim 2015

Crowd at Public Enemy 2015 Benicassim Festival in Spain

Public Enemy Review at Benicassim

Public EnemyPublic Enemy at Spanish Festival

Benicassim Festival 2015

Public Enemy were the surprise package of the night, and coincidentally our first call of the evening. I thought I’d not get into the act but it literally blew me away with their amazing ethical tone of voice and I loved that you didn’t have to know many songs to enjoy what they were about.

It was so lush to see Flavor Flav rolling around on a Uberboard and members running through the crowd back to the stage. I can’t find the words to review what an experience it was, all I can is that they fully deserve their rightful place in the Rock Hall Of Fame.

FFS Franz Ferdinand and Sparks Benicassim 2015 review

Franz Ferdinand and Sparks Review

Next up was by far the strangest collab I’ve ever seen and if you’ve ever seen FFS you’ll know that Collaborations Don’t Work (see what I did there?!) or in this case they really do!

With the mix of old and new songs, the old songs definitely drew a big reaction and the newer songs invited in immense interaction. To shed a little perspective how fab it was…I lost my voice immediately afterwards! *Cue screaming cat voice*

 That show made me realise how much I now love Sparks, such a diverse act and can’t wait to hear more from them soon. Would highly recommend!

Rainbow Festival Hair Stephi LaReine


White Textured Collar Smock * // The Whitepepper

White tennis shoes // Primark

Gold Watch * // Storm

Rings: Susan Caplan, I Heard They Eat CigarettesRegal Rose

Portishead Benicassim 2015

Last of all to top off our festival live set’s were Portishead, as a great lover I would have loved to swim through the crowd but I was zonked in every sense of the word, we retired to the grass to delve into a Thai curry and nap whilst soaking up some distant mellow sounds and incredible visuals.

Unfortuntely my photos were terrible and so distant due to sitting down right at the back of the set.

Walking through the crowd I caught Pompei by Bastille having to dance through the crowd to go to the loo, and being the only song I know it worked for me as I rolled in and rolled out.

J&B stage Benicassim DJ set

Our final (yes the actual finale) was the DJ set at the J&B tent, we were testing out their latest honey flavour and had been swept up by the fabulous tunes over the last few days. Somehow (god knows how!) I fell asleep on one of the beanbags with blarring music, and got to that point of the evening where one can simply wag their finger to a tune instead of dance! I don’t think the internet is ready for snoozing on beanbag festie photos of me yet, maybe one day!

5am taled off the last of our adventures before our trip back to Barcelona to heal from what was one of my favourite festivals in the whole world! I hope this has swayed you to come to Spain to party, it’s a bodacious decision you will not regret!

What do you think of my crazy adventures in Benicassim?