Today I’m walking you through my go to guide for all things to pack for a festival including beauty essentials, gadgets and everyday items 

Festival season is my favourite time of the year, it’s exciting heading to see fantastic bands, spending time with loved ones and sharing some fantastic memories.

The only cons being is the lack of hygiene and facilities and whether you’re a festival queen or a newbie on the fields there’s a few new tips and tricks I’ve learnt on my travels I’m sharing.

When it comes to makeup it’s time to be outlandish, switch things up and do something a little different from your usual day to day wear. Scrap the nude palettes and break out some colour. I’ve been a big fan of the blue mascara and colourful eyeliner trend, and using Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara, I have one in brown and black too and it’s electric saturation makes your eyes pop, for added effect when wet add a sprinkle of glitter or hints of black. 

Benefit have been one of my festival saviours as they’re legendary The Porefessional primer have been my makeup sweat free and smudge-less over the past few months. If you’re partying from the second you step out the tent through to the next day through all the elements I highly recommend a high quality primer for maintaining an on-point look! Likewise with up-keep by using License To Blot and Agent Zero Shine the best for minimising shine and oils. 

My haircare at festivals are essential, as someone who has their hair tucked and thrown about alot it’s important to stop hair from dreadlocking whilst you sleep or in a crowd so you can whip your down-do into an instant up-do and a compatible tool is the BeFri Brush by NanoKeratin System, a next generation brush which is designed to improve hair health and super smoothing results! (Even on the toughest and rebellious hair like mine!) The flexible brush arms bend meaning it glides through the hair more evenly, giving the scalp more circulation and air whilst conditioning and strengthening your hair, even whilst its wet and sensitive so it pampers your hair and doesn’t pull it! NanoKeratin System are global specialists in haircare and prove all their brush has extraordinary results on the rattiest of knots and have helped me through the hot humidity of Benicassim. 

Now your hair is lush and smooth my favourite styles is a beach wave which can be achieved with Fudge Urban’s Sea Salt Spray giving it texture, volume and character to shake about! For extra funk delve into a bit of colour like me, I always pack some extra hair dye so during the morning I can throw in some extra streaks for some My Little Pony fun, the Fudge Paintbox colours have been my favourite, as they’re made from vegetable dyes, wash out back to your original colour after a few scrubs and are versatile, creative and just need a bit of cold water to wash out (take gloves to avoid bright coloured hands like I did once) 

I’ve been through a dry shampoo’s and found the obvious brands were incredibly limited to a whitey colour which leave people like myself a little to be desired but luckily I’m taking my Soo..? Dry Shampoo range as it’s been the best brand for giving me volume, sustainable hair whilst not discolouring!

I don’t believe you’ve got to pack everything to have a great time, but cleanliness is the big red alarm bell particularly for women who have makeup to take off, right? The bigger siren of doom is the hint of makeup wipes, which is a sin of the beauty world, you think ‘oh it’s just one weekend right?’ but why sacrifice having fantastic skin and flecks of dirt, grease and old glitter encrusted when each day can be radiant, dewy and glowing with a full face!

 This is something I’m exciting to be taking around as believe it or not this device is smaller than my phone. The Pulsaderm Buddy is a facial cleanser compatible for handbag use, easily cleanable running under a tap and takes off everything for smooth application. Facial cleansing brushes have revolutionised not only my skincare but makeup routine with better surfaces for cream absorption and the finish on my makeup with only 60 seconds needed for this routine. I got mine from Current Body after hearing sensational things about what it does for your face! 

Health wise I’m taking some dry mouth lozenges from The Breath Co, and you may not think these make difference to store bought mints but first thing when you’ve got morning breath and need a quick solution before you head over to the water station to brush your teeth, these make an incredible difference in a hurry, luckily they have no sugar in at all and are my ultimate must in dental care and throughout the day to freshen up beer breathe whilst attacking bacteria and eliminating dry mouth by re-activating saliva. The Breath Co Dry Mouth Lozenges are also super handy for throwing in your bag as they’re tiny and can stuff a bumbag with about 20 easily on top of your usual handbag usuals.

As you’ve probably seen me running around this years festivals with the most adorable camera ever, the Fuji Instax Mini 8 has been the best as it’s super small, creates nostalgic images for my lasting memories when festivals don’t allow big dslr cameras or digital and a better solution than a phone when they’re under £75 and you can pick a lush colour, I love my baby blue camera, I’ve shared my Instax diary so far on my Instagram

My other extras to pack which are all important to the experience are things to keep you warm, I’ll be running through my festival outfits but you can take a look at this years Festival Fashion but it’s always best to include extras like funky Happy Socks, you’ve gotta have a novelty sock, just like some novelty sunglasses.

When it comes to fashion I’m going to be showing everyone day by day what to wear, but the one thing you can definitely rely on is a good pair (or two!) of wellies, I’ve heard too many stories of people ending up shoe-less when they took their favourite trainers so some wellies are great investment to make like these black ones from SpyLoveBuy and you can see all their other coloured wellies or Rockfish wellies which cater for the tall!

My recommendations as far as food and drink are Funkin Cocktails for their fabulous pre-mixed cocktails made from 100% real fruit, which you simply add with your spirit of choice Funkin Cocktails also do syrups for the brave budding bartender of the squad who fancys making their own. Also Exante Diet powdered food is full of vitamins and nutrients which when added to water make yummy meals like gooey chocolate pudding, breakfast eggs and maple syrup pancakes which are quick to make and keep you partying all night. 

The main part of a festival is to enjoy yourself responsibly, with many injuries falling down hills drunk and not taking first aid kits there are many other things to include but these are just some of the snazzier things you can take that all make the festival worthwhile so party hard but look after yourself!

What are you taking to festivals with you, anything I should be including in my backpack?


Some of these items have been sent, see my disclaimer for more infomation