Travelling on a budget can be exciting, a new adventure where you meet some thrilling people and some of them are in the towns that you stay or even the lodge balconey from across the wallTravelling On a Budget In North Wales


Llanberis Lakes, North Wales

My recent trip to near the mountains of Snowdon not only saw a change in my surroundings but in myself seeing how other people lived their lives so quiet in comparison, and the deepest bowels of Wales is the obvious retreat from all the city madness seeing people coming from miles around to reconnect with nature as a popular town for mountain walkers. 

We stayed at the Llanberis Lodges a cosy comfy retreat after a long night of exploring we came home to squishy beds, rocky bars (I hadn’t had one since I was a kid!) and when we woke up a complimentary full Welsh breakfast cooked to perfection to get us racing up the mountains like goats. Llanberis Lodges Review, North Wales BnbLlanberis High Street Shops

I want everyone to go through staying in a lodge atleast once in their live , it’s contrastive to an all catered hotel without the efforts of self catering, although I would have loved to buy local produce and make home made Welsh rarebit with a Stephi twist. 

I’d highly reccommend going to Llanberis as a spot to get away from it all, it’s so colourful like Balamory and full of kind and sweet people, and with a stunning view of the mountains from the balconey and it opens up even more 2 minutes walking to the lakes, it’s super surreal sighting something so intimidatingly big. Walking by the water at 11pm and snuggled up in coats made me feel like I owned the mountains all for my own. llanberis lakes review in north walesllanberis lodgesLlanberis, north walesStephi LaReine Does Travel In North Wales

Go explore Wales for everything it has to offer, stay with locals and become a local!

Have you ever explored Wales before?

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