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Summer 2015 Pastel Trend

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Lazy Oafs HelloHello Dress MinkPink Shirt Boden Handbag


 Mink Pink Loose Shirt * // Fashion Pills

Lazy Oafs Hello Hello Smock Dress * // Fashion Pills

Polka Dot Socks * // Primark

Yellow handbag * // Boden

Babe Jelly Shoes // Juju Footwear

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The suns been so kind to Great Britain and I’ve finally had a chance to whip out some outstanding summer dresses, this was a week or two back when I was going through a purple phase, I’m trying out a selection of new colours to compliment the pink and in favour get to wear a lot of pastel clothes (huzzah!)

Juju Jelly Shoes 90s

pastel trend 2015 summer festival blogger

My gorgeous smock summer dress is from Lazy Oafs latest collection, it’s so friendly like the message it portrays with ‘hello’ written across it in bubblegum pink. I got it through Fashion Pills, a shop with a collection of quirky brands amongst Mink Pink and Vagabond (my favourites) which incidentally I got my pink loose shirt from, keeping me cool on the slightly hotter days.

Colourful clothing Lazy oafs from Fashion Pills

Stephi LaReine pink and purple curly hair

To complete my look I’ve thrown on some cheap and cheerful socks from Primark, they came in a pack of a few designs and pefect for the cutesy sock under a heel or a sandal. Speaking of which my old reliable Juju babes have served me well lately, I swear I’ll never grow up despite turning 21 in a 9 days and wearing a pair of Jelly Shoes will always keep a part of my childhood with me.

Cute socks and shoes wearing Primark polka dot ankle socks and juju jelly babes

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Pastel clothing blogger


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