I was asked recently how I define festival fashion and what is crucial this season to be wearing so I only saw fit to show some interchangable outfits you could take to this years fabulous festivals

I’m heading to Benicassim tonight which is in sunny Spain so my attire will be showcased both live through my Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (StephiLaReine) as well as daily updates here. As festival fashion is my favourite trend and generally favourite season as it defines my style of laid back boho, striking prints and colour I’m showing my favourite looks from this year.

Festivals generally fall into two categories hot or muddy, hot ones will include Benicassim and Coachella whilst muddy (which isn’t always a bad thing) require more covering up from the cold, especially in the UK like Leeds, Kendal Calling, Glastonbury etc. So whichever you’re heading to it’s crucial on the weather what you pick. 

 For hotter festivals I reccommend cool refreshing clothes, as the weather can get sticky and uncomfortable. I pick tops like my SheInside floral shirt (seen here, here and here) or Asos dress (seen here) or if you prefer a jumpsuit, this Mink Pink jumpsuit is cool, on trend and a statement piece (seen here).

Lately I’ve been loving the off-shoulder trend as I think it’s super flattering on any figure and this Out Of The Ordinary dress (seen here) was perfect for that effortlessly cool dress. But also bralets, some brave and some not so, my favourite have been from OOTO (seen here) as black is simple, interchangable and light weight. 

 For cooler festivals it’s a must you keep wrapped up as the nights can get blistering cold and ruin a fantastic time, tights are my best friend at these festivals as they can add a layer to your existing outfit and if ripped can be replaced, or if the weather perks up can be whipped out in the nearest portaloo. 

Other essentials include a good pair of wellies, I’ve some amazing pairs from SpyLoveBuy, RockFish Wellies and a trusty pair of Dr Martens, all seeing me through the rain, wind and thunder. You’ll be spotted these at Kendall Calling and Leeds Festival this year. Whilst a coat is totally essential, I’ve got myself a few from Puffa in a few different styles like this Silver Jacket that channels the metallic trend, and Yellow RainCoat.

Jeans are probably wise to and most pairs will do the job at keeping you toasty but however in the rain sticks and are murder to dry if you want to rewear them. I wear my Long Tall Sally Boyfriend Jeans as the shape is more comfortable (seen here and here)

The trademark Stephi festival piece is of course the kimono, I love them so much and find it incredibly easy to rework as you’ve all probably seen the same 3 or 4 being used time and time again, so I see it as vitally important to find something you know you can wear again, as nothing worse is taking so many striking and contrastive clothes to a festival to realise none of them match anything else. My favourite kimonos have been from Long Tall Sally (seen here, here and here) and Primark (seen herehere and here

 Style is completely dependant on what you feel comfortable in as I like something chill, relaxing, not too clingy and layerable, so let me know some of your favourites. I’ll be releasing more go-tos like jewellery and what to pack over the next few days so all festival go-ers stay tuned!


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