Dine Around The Dome Trafford Centre Food Review

Me and a bunch of lovely bloggers were invited to taste our way round in a unique dining tour of intu Trafford Centres finest culinary spots


360 Champagne and Cocktails Review

The journey was started at the famous 360 Champagne and Cocktails and an elderflower martini garnished with the finest fruit, sweet in taste but enough to whet the appetite.


Cafe Rouge Manchester Trafford Review

Next step was Cafe Rouge, they’re a personal love of mine so I knew I definitely wouldn’t be dissapointed. We were served a glass of Sauvignon Blanc perfect for the tastes that were coming up, zingy but a dry edge wine. We were served up Ceviche de Saumon – the secret to this cured salmon and spiced dish was in fact coriander (herbs are always the way forward!)


Carluccios Trafford Review Deli

Carluccios Trafford Review Deli

Carluccios Trafford Review Deli

Carluccios Trafford Review Deli

From the fish of France to Italy, let’s talk antipasti, the glory of antipasti oooft! The fine Carluccios had us for their appetising new dish of Pepolata and mozzarella rice balls, which was delicious and great to try out some refreshing flavors dipped in a pepper mayonaisse served with caponaa and salumi,  a selection of meats from their deli which was Parma Ham (my favourite!) Milano salami, Napoli salami, herb roasted ham, mortadelia and fennel salami with olives, caperberries and home baked focaccia washed down with Aperol spritz which was a prosecco and soda beverage.


Las Iguanas Review

Las Iguanas ReviewLas Iguanas Review

Next stop on our foodie adventures was Las Igaunas, I’ve never tried Latin American and I was pleased to say my verdict left me wanting to go back for me. First was a mango and avocado salad served up, with fresh flavors of creamy avocado cutting through the sweetness of the mangos. 

A big variety of dishes started to appear from cajun spice nachos, salsa and dressed olives to skewers of tender meat served with brie cheese bites and small pasties. 


Wokooshi Review Trafford Centre

Wokooshi Review Trafford Centre

Wokooshi Review Trafford Centre

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Being one of the biggest fish eaters and Japanese and Korean fiend of the room, my eyes lit up with delight at the sound of ‘fire meat’ illustrated before we showed.  Wokooshii serves everything fresh from local produce merely moment before it arrives to your plate, and surprisingly is all run by family!

Served was Spicy Chicken Bibimpap and Beef Bulgogi which wowed us all knowing it was listed 23rd in the Top 50 Most Delicious Foods, we knew why. There are no words, I really do insist you try it when you can, it really is truly divine. Our beverage was a Sparkle Sake Wine, the best Sake I’ve ever had and I now consider myself somewhat a connoisseur of it. The people who run the place are so incredibly polite, funny and willing to inform you of their tasty foods


Captains Table View From Boat

View From Captains Table Boat Manchester Trafford Centre

Espresso Martini

Surprise Desserts Manchester

This view is privileged to few, providing the scene of the entire dome overlooking onto every dining and a large swimming pool in the centre. It was so beautiful to see a bit of everything. 

We were escorted inside to a green lit room and a table full of surprises where we were handed numbers for our desserts. I got an assortment of sweet treats done in an afternoon tea style across a platter, but after we all got a look at each others started sharing so I was stuffed gladly with churros and cream cakes. Word got out Espresso Martinis were being served to which I was eager of them all. I mean coffee and a martini in one? After all my food I needed something to perk me up and cleanse the palette. 

Another surprise was in store, one number was picked to win the secret wise! Of course it was yours truly and Laura out from round the corner presents me an irridescent swirling bottle of wine! Woohoo! 

A massive thank you to the Trafford Centre for their hospitality, all of their new food was so delicous and complimented every dish for the restaurant in which was served. I’ll be back at the Trafford soon for some regular wining and dining!


intu Trafford Centre, Manchester, M17 8AA

0161 749 1717

Have you ever dined at the Trafford Centre?


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