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I’m just gonna lay out some honesty, todays post is a little different. Lets chat achievements, putting pressure on yourself to do well and pushing past old thresholds and doing incredible things.

Preparing for climbing Mount Snowdon, Wales


Half this post is about the physicalities of climbing Snowden and the other half is the reasoning behind it, my morals and why I had to do what I did.

Llanberis Lodges, Snowdon Mountain Climbing

The other day I climbed my first mountain from top to bottom, I’ve climbed about 5 mountains and been limited to a few hours of getting up and down, mainly in the Lake District but I’d never stood at the very top to yell down or yodel like we eventually ended up doing. So to me this was another exciting adventure ahead. Fuelled by a lot of coffee and Graze boxes but none the less we did what we set out to do.Summit Mount Snowdon

Our trip was inspired by a brief weekend bnb stay with my grandparents, having got the train 5/8ths up the mountain before the wind became too strong to reach the summit. If we tried this again on the train I’d see it as cheating but after the weekend of the monday of getting back and the wednesday morning of setting off we decided we’d like to properly give it a go. 

Graze box mountain climbing snack food

It was friday morning we climbed fresh first thing in the morning and as you can tell I was an eager beaver to get out the door and hit the ground runnning, often prancing up the mountain like a goat with the longest legs climbing rocks. We eventually reached the top at 3.30 and collapsed onto a table in the cafe. The wind started to pick up to 70mph and felt like it was going to push you off the cliff face. In all honesty I’d never felt like I’d achieved so much and my body was capable of reaching such a height. Our weather was perfect with forcasted sunshine all day and coming back down was breezy and the most outstanding views as the sun went down leaving us the last 4 people on the whole of the mountain. Words don’t put into perspective how it feels to almost own the mountain. Frankly there’s alot more to it than I can put into words.

Climbing down Mount Snowdon

We haven’t taken a family holiday since I was extremely small due to family circumstances and this was quite an emotional trip as family is everything to me, and due to physical impairment we wouldn’t of all made it up there as a collective team, my immediate family of my mum, dad and little sister is a close knit one we decided to conquer the mountain after spending months of getting stronger and planning our first trip as a family, all solely independent. Something 9/10 families get to do a few times a year, for us our first in a very long time.

Sunny weather up Mount Snowdon in Wales

Dad was originally born in Wales and as a Welshman has aspired to see the top of the highest peak in all of England and Wales after 15 years of physical pain it breaks me down into tears knowing he climbed all the way to top and I got to see the look on his face. Some of you won’t understand, but I’m not writing to tell you about everything in my familys life nor do I expect you to sympathise or understand how much it meant to us all, as alot of people take their health and abilities for granted. 

For us it meant we didn’t take holidays for years but instead built sanctuary at home as our own holiday resort, in a beautiful part of the world, full of comfort and the joy of having a large swimming pool in the garden, some people love a Staycation and our family are crowned the royals of the Staycation, I even wrote a post on the ultimate staycation guide and even though I’ve moved out it’s still home to me and always will be and it excites me to say as a collective we’re planning some truly bodacious adventures around the globe, and I can’t wait to kick start them all!

Best Welsh Views

As of the past year I’ve been trotting around the UK and Ireland and taking my adventures to Spain next week, with wandering eyes for exciting new adventures, as I personally prefer to spend my money on experiences and not things (bet you didn’t see that one coming!) 

As silly and probably contradictory as it sounds as a blogger who lives for art, fashion and music I enjoy the other things in life like exploring places and trying interesting food, hence why I think of myself as a lifestyle blogger more than fashion as I pivot around the place loving a bit of everything. 

For someone so young and naive to the big wide world and despite already having a home to call me own at such an incredibly young age I want to live a little and I’ve felt stranded on my little peninsula when there’s a world offering so much more full of culture and colour and new experiences, whereas I have the rest of my life to find the perfect lampshade to fit the curtains and the cushions etc for the days of slowing down and making a house a home.

I was discussing with someone the other day how incredibly temporary human life is and in the grand scheme of things, if we worked out our existence on a 24 hour clock our human being life has barely been around one second. From that moment I realised how important every part of our lives is, to not spend our lives in the dead end job that we don’t enjoy or hang around with people who do us know good. 

Travel Blogger in Snowdon Wales

I’ve spent the best part of a year finally coming to terms with the rest of my life as an adult merely days before my 21st birthday it snapping into my pink haired head who I want to be and where I see myself. 

I think the future of Stephi LaReine is to be free, like you should be, like anyone is when we first come to exist. I think what I’m trying to say is re-jig your priorities and take a chance to do something exciting and have experiences that you’ll take with you for the rest of time. 

Defeating Goals, trying new things

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?


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