We were invited down to The Color Run in Manchester to take part in the most vibrant colourful 5K in existence

Original Source (you know that immense Tea Tree Shower Gel that leaves you tingling and smelling divine) have brought out a new range and were looking after the yellow powder station showering hundreds of people with a zesty lemon fresh fragranced powder and kindly asked Guinny and I to run on behalf of them.

The run was in the early morning before the sun got to its hottest and with intervals of people jetting off for the colour splashing of their lives, hitting pinks, blues, orange and of course yellow! 

Original Source are showering people around the country so I wholeheartedly recommend hitting up one of their runs for the craziest time of your life whilst getting super fit. Guinny and I lightly jogged the whole circuit around Manchester and coming out the other end head to toe smelling fresh and saturated with powder. I had the most amazing time as afterwards we were gifted a sachet of coloured powder to throw over people as the afterparty saw a Holi-esque display of magical colours shooting through the skies on such a glorious day. 

I’m pleased to announce the release of Mango and Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn to be added to the Original Source family which sound soooo delightful so go ahead and get involved with the happiest 5K going as well as trying out all the new fantastic range and adding intensity to your life!

See my instagram for the shower of colours! Whilst also checking out the Original Source Website, Facebook and Twitter for more info and exciting adventures around the country!


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