Perhaps the only time we’ll ever get to see Noel Gallagher and Blur on the same line up, a day full J&B fuelled antics and the biggest space boots to graze the spanish mountains

J&B Benicassim Day Two Blogger // Stephi LaReine

Day Two rocked with the likes of Jamie T, Noel Gallagher and The Prodigy, we got lost in the festival haze trying to pick out our highlights from 3 astoundings acts!

Jamie T Benicassim Day Two // Stephi LaReine

Jamie T Benicassim Day Two

Our night kicked off with Jamie T, he told us he hated playing Sheila and the only reason why he gets hyped is hearing us get hyped, but that didn’t let down how booming the set was, with my personal preference icing the top of the cake with Don’t You Find, but you can’t expect the world and a half. 

Head Blogger Benicassim Stephi LaReine Festival Fashion Day Two

Todays ensemble was primarily to keep cool, a halterneck, super short shorts kinda day styled with some space sandals and dinky fishnet socks. 

I got my halter neck from Depop for only £15 (a new found love of mine!) my shorts are from Black Cut Off Shorts are from Nasty Gal and my Cleated Sole Gladiator Sandals are from SpyLoveBuy  and my socks are from Primark

Noel Gallagher at Benicassim Festival July 2015

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

Next was the fabulous Noelly G, our favs of the night which surprisingly blew us all away with some Oasis surprises, the banter was flying even in Spain and the god of rock himself gave a A* performance!

Food at Benicassim Festival July 2015Chicken Wrap at Benicassim Festival

We grabbed a bite to eat vouching for wraps, I got the vegatarian sauce wrap with spinach and tomato (I’m terrible with remembering names) whilst Guinny got a delcious smelling chicken wrap, perfect amount of food to get us bouncing for The Prodigy. 

The Prodigy Benicassim Festival 2015

The Prodigy

Somehow we ended up bouncing our way to the front and it was seemingly impossible to get photos as everyone was going mental, the memories will never be forgotten, even after decades of The Prodigy they impress like it was back in the 90s!

J&B honey stilt entertainers

The prodigy 2015 benicassim

We ended up home by 5am after a few more hours jumping around the J&B dance tent taking in some fantastic DJ sets, stay tuned for day three and the rest of my Benicassim antics! 

Have you ever seen any of these before?