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At Sound City I finally got a full day two starting from 12pm til 2am, an eventful day at that everything from baby chats with Abbey Clancy to massive glowing eggs at The Flaming Lips, we went full out and had the most astounding time, let me walk you through day twos adventure!

The Sundowners Review Sound CIty 2015


The Sundowners Review Sound CIty 2015

The day was hot-hot-hot, and I decided to pick a shearling coat (yes a smart move on my behalf) we got to Sound City around 3 for The Sundowners, I’ve previously seen them at The Magnet for a short set and their 70s Haim-esque charm swooned the lot of us, no one can shake a tamborine so sassily and I dare you to find someone that does!

Pop Up Art Shop Liverpool Sound City 2015After their set finished up we had a wander around and it was so cool to see so many independant pop up stands including this art shop of which everything was popular culture posterised references it was heaven seeing so many re-makes of classics with prints at around £20

Serpent Power Review 2015 Liverpool Sound City

After was Serpent Power, the epitomy of cool, we got chatting to them throughout the weekend, the band themselves channel psychedelic rock with folk, we were all mesmerized as they came by recommendation, the nostalgic throwback teamed with some futuristic sounds made it the perfect Lou Reed – Perfect Day-esque tune for a sunny afternoon.
Liverpool Sound City 2015: Day Two Colonel Mustard and The Djion 5

Colonel Mustard And The Dijon Five Save The Lomax
Stephi LaReine Lifestyle Blogger Review Colonel Mustard Dijon Five Review

Next up were Colonel Mustard & The Djion 5, we went purely for the name, we had to walk past them to our next act and the interaction from the crowd was immense, I felt like I was in a gospel church greeted with a thick Glaswegian accent and a group on stage all dressed in mustard yellow, they were a large bundle of joy, one member with a disco ball bike helmet that jumped into the crowd to form a high-school dance off that got everyone involved as well as surfing the crowd in an inflatable dinghy. I got an quick few questions in after, having found out the band can expand to anyone from 5 to 20 people on stage at one point and Disco-Stig took dancing lessons from the very start! They were supporting a local cause to Save The Lomax, I’ve been going to the Lomax for so many years and helped with Cal Ruddys charity gig for the same reasons so when I found out I was over the moon that these lovely bunch were helping too!

Festival Fashion Blogger Sheepskin Coat 70s trend

Liverpool Sound City and Abbey Clancy baby with lifestyle blogger Stephi LaReine

During our 2 hour break we decided to take a wander to only bump into the lovely Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch at Judas, with Abbey popping in one week the girl definitely remembered how to rock and this may well be her last pregnant photo before little Liberty was born. Always great to see a local girl rocking at a local festival.

StyleMoi Sheepskin Jacket, Walk Trendy Lace Bralet, Crochet Bra OOTO Clothing, Lavish Alice Shorts

Hooton Tennis Club Review with Stephi LaReine Festival Blogger at Liverpool Sound City 2015

Later we caught the almighty and great Hooton Tennis Club, a new local fave of mine, their sound unique and with all the boys being so young and fresh sounding we know to expect some great things over the next few years. Check out their soundcloud here! We got to know the boys a bit during our quick timeslot between the next act, super cool and Wirralites are always our faves!

Stephi LaReine // Liverpool Sound City Review 2015


Liverpool Sound CIty Flo Morrisey Set and Review 2015

Liverpool Sound CIty Flo Morrisey Set and Review 2015

Todays outfit was inspired by the ever fabulous Flo Morrisey, who was a delight and a half to watch, she’s so incredibly sweet, and I cannot wait to see her again soon. Her set put a lovely tone on the day from the grungey bands we were seeing and slowed down the pace a touch. Sound City gives so many diverse acts a chance to perform infront of a willing audience and whilst Flo hasn’t been going long she’s someone to look out for in the future.

VIP Heineken Ship private band at Liverpool Sound City 2015


Festival Boho Fashion Blogger

Pink Snakeskin Bag Marc B Blogger

Lace Bralet Festival Boho Fashion Blogger with pink hair

I’ve loved my OOTO crochet bralet, so much that I’ve started buying so many of them, I’ve layered it up with my lace jacquard pattern mesh top from Walk Trendy, really handy when it gets chilly and if you’re a brave soul in this climate to whip off the first layer to cool down. Teamed with my Lavish Alice shorts through Laundry Boutique and I wouldn’t be festival queen if I didn’t at some point crack out the Dr Martens from Shoetique, because these are fur lined it meant my feet stayed warm, dry and clean from the docs, they’re my festival go-to over wellies as I don’t slide around everywhere.



Lace Long Sleeve Crop Top * // Walk Trendy

Crochet Bralet * // OOTO Clothing

Shearling Jacket Coat * // Style Moi

Pleated Shorts * // Lavish Alice

Fur Lined Boots * // Dr Marten

Black Strap Watch * // Daniel Wellington

Rings * // Susan Caplan, Rad Rocks, Gemporia, Regal Rose

Stephi LaReine Liverpool Sound City Day Two

Finally my box bag from Marc B came handy to pack away all my essentials, the perfect size for my camera, money, phone and little extras like chewing gum with a small pocket for little things. Their latest range has so many hip prints and patterns to help us through the summer, check out the new range

Liverpool Sound City Food Review Ostrich Burger

I believe festivals are the place to try new things whether an oxygen bar is your bag or an ostrich burger like me, I delved into a falafel burger with hummus and all the salad trimmings the day before and had to make the crucial decision of whether I wanted zebra, ostrich, kangaroo and camel at the Safari Grill something I would hardly ever have the opportunity to try, and it’s safe to say it was one of the best burgers I have ever had!

Thurston Moore Band Main Stage Liverpool Sound City 2015

The Thurston Moore Band were quite intriguing as the evening went on; I couldn’t be sure what to make of them. They gripped me – and a lot of the crowd by the looks of things – with their powerful sounds, but at times it seemed to drag on. I’m sure if I was to listen to them more I would enjoy watching them again. It was a very instrumental performance (I think one song went on for over 10 minutes!) but it’s great to see a band letting the music speak for itself. It’s not often you see Sean Lennon drifting around the back of the stage in a purple velvet jacket!

Confetti Liverpool Sound City 2015

Liverpool Sound City Flaming Lips Carnival Review Art

Crowd Main Stage Liverpool Sound City 2015

Main Stage Flaming Lips Sound City Review 2015

The Flaming Lips Review 2015

Liverpool Sound City Crowd 2015

Review Sound City 2015

The Flaming Lips, santa review 2015 Liverpool Sound City

And last but certainly not least in the star attraction of the night was The Flaming Lips, I got to see their ensemble and dressing room antics as they sauntered around the back for most the afternoon and yes Wayne Coyne was wearing his frog costume all day! Few words can describe the set; mesmerising, artistic and wonderful. Think carnival in space, and large floating embryo eggs gliding across thousands of people. Word got out they landed on our local Magical Mystery Tour bus see the Echo here! They’re a once in a lifetime act to see and the perfect way to end day two! A sploosh of confetti dazzled the sky and the River Mersey as we set back across the water in a taxi with a Cheshire Cat grin eager for Day Three!

Egg on crowd The Flaming Lips Liverpool Sound City Main Stage

What do you think of Day two at #SoundCity15