Exante Diet Review: Maple Syrup Pancakes

So I’ve been a bit naughty with all my treats, cocktails and eating out and before I run away on holiday it’s time to take it down a notch and get my body back in check with Exante Diet.

Exante Diet meal replacement for weight loss review

So they’re a food replacement that aid weight loss, when teamed with moderate exercise. I found working in Manchester for a month these were an absolute godsend as I know home cooked food which requires pans, ovens and lots of washing up whereas I could have some of my favourite foods within minutes of preparation and minimal mess.


Maple Syrup Pancakes

Blueberry and Raspberry Pancakes

Breakfast Eggs

Strawberry Milkshake

Chocolate Milkshake

Gooey Chocolate Pudding

Pasta Ham and Mushroom Soup

Sweet and Sour Noodles
Indian Style Daal Curry and Lentils

Indian Stylee Daal Curry With Lentils by Exante Diet for weight loss

When consuming these you are required to drink 2 litres of water and for best results with 20 minutes exercise. 

If I’m quite honest I don’t watch my weight, I don’t believe in looking at numbers and more so looking at yourself and if you feel better and eating these in replacement of fuller meals gave me the spring in my step to carry on throughout the day without feeling tired and sluggish, I love that even though they aid weight loss they have 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins and nutrients so you’re not missing out on being healthy. 

I reckon these would be the best packets and sachets to take to a festivals, when you’re running around and need quick food solutions but want to run off and see your favourite band. A personal favourite of mine was the Maple Syrup Pancakes, the Gooey Chocolate Pudding and Indian Style Daal Curry with Lentils! I know I’m definitely stocking up on those goodies! 

Have you ever tried Exante Diet?