Travelodge Bedroom, Living area, York Central Hotel Review, 105 Room with view

I love exploring cities and towns, I got to visit the Roman town York, home away from home almost identical to Chester I travelled across the country to take in some new scenery and stay with Travelodge for 2 nights, I’m gonna share my really lush experience from the breakfast box to the service.

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We checked in and were greeted by a lovely lady called Faye, she complimented my awesome hair and attended to all our small ammendities throughout our stay, including letting us borrow an umbrella when the British weather was less fortunate. The building is wonderful, and so close to the town centre, almost everything we went to was within a 5-10 minute walk.

When you walk in, the lobby is full of light and so very refreshing! We were told to help ourselves to the wicka basket full of tea, coffee’s, sugar and milk servings (we definitely needed it our caffeine fix!) Despite cutting down I was drinking 3/4 cups every morning, a few in the afternoon and even one before bed (oops!)

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Anywhom, we got to ourukoom with our two cards for 105, which we were told had a wonderful view, we opened the door and I ran straight to the window to see, to my amazement we had a beautiful view of the river and museums. From lying in bed I had such a lovely view to outside and made the stay all that much nicer.

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The room itself, had a spacious kingsize bed, comfortable sheets and duvet, and the squishest pillows ever! So much I didn’t wanna get out in the morning and walk around in a duvet burrito! As well as two bedside tables, bright lamps and lots of storage space. I took up the entire wardrobe naturally and most the desk space and bathroom space, now I think about it. When I was blogging I was sat at a red desk chair that had a kettle and a tv within arms distance, so I was a happy chappy!

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Waking up every morning was really refreshing.  Breakfast was included as part of our stay, which was a small packed lunch box with a choice of either Good Morning or Rise and Shine, I had Rise and Shine on both days, but my boyfriend tells me his was yummy! Mine included a seed, fruit and nut muffin, a Eat Natural almond and apricot snack bar, a low fat strawberry yoghurt, a bottle of orange juice and a single mentos for afterwards, we decided to eat our second box on the train home to nibble on. They also have a variety of hot snacks that are available all day with the likes of cheese burgers. But if you do fancy a hot meal on the other side of the building is a Wetherspoons pub on the river, overlooking a chill view.

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Sadly I thought I took photos of the bathroom and didn’t but it was clean, nicely painted and had a bath with easily controllable dials and getting ready was delightful every morning and evening, with luckily just enough counter space for me to spread out all my things! I love how economical Travelodge is as they don’t waste towels and if they go unused and stay clean on the rack they aren’t changed but if used you’re supposed to drop it in the bath/shower to be collected.

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I’d definitely recommend this place as the go to for a cheap hotel room to use as a base for exploring the town, it’s close by to the train station and generally easy to get public transport from, with buses coming past every 10-15 minutes.  One thing to caution is that at this time of year a lot of Geese fly past and reside in the river so sometimes you can hear them outside but this highly entertained us in the morning!

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Overall our stay was comfortable, really pleasant and we were made to feel safe and secure by Travelodge staff, it was a joy coming back from dancing to a warm snug bed. We’re definitely visiting again to explore the town more and I wholeheartedly recommend that you do too!

This is the contact info for both the location and telephone number:

90 Piccadilly, York, North Yorkshire YO1 9NX

0871 984 6187

Have you ever been to York or what are your experiences in a Travelodge?



*Our stay was complimentary by Travelodge