Soso Happy Pink Iron Fist Jumper, Taco Leggings, Sole Wish Timberland Boots


Nostalgic throwback to circa 2011 of the days of Nyan Cat and Robot Unicorn Attack

Polette Celeste Sunglasses, Moon Choker, Peach Hair// Stephi LaReine, UK Lifestyle Blog


Pink Iron Fist Taco Sweater * // Soso Happy

Pink Iron Fist Taco Leggings * // Soso Happy

Chunky Lace Up Boot * // SoleWish

Blue Celeste Sunglasses * // Polette 

Blue White Weekender Watch * // Timex

Citrine Ring * // Gemporia

Moon Choker * // The Adorned Duo

Dark Purple Lipstick (Purple Swag) * // MDM Flow

Polette Sunglasses, SoleWish Timberland Boots, Taco Iron Fist Soso Happy Leggings

Peach Hair, Gemporia Citrine Ring, Timex Weekender Watch // Stephi LaReine

Soso Happy Pink Jumper, Timex Weekender Watch, MDM Flow Purple Swag Lipstick Stephi LaReine


Soso Happy Iron Fist Taco Jumper Leggings, Solewish boots, peach hair, stephi lareine


Soso Happy Kawaii Jumper, Timex Weekender Watch, Taco, Peach hair


Stephi LaReine, Polette Sunglasses, pink kawaii jumper

To start off this outfit has my inner 13 year old Scene Queen Myspace self screaming and bouncing around the room, it’s so adorable and young and certainly caught the attention of others walking down the street by the bright vibrancy of tacos. These wonderful and so very colourful pieces are from Soso Happy which epitomises how I feel wearing them, does it not sweep you back to the days of Nyan Cat and Babycakes, but less about the old days and how fab these clothes are! I’ve already overworn this a thousand times over, the material is perfect for a slouchy day and got me through being seriously ill this week. Their range is full of cutesy cartoons and kawaii faces. To see more check out Soso Happy here!

I’ve put this with some lookalike Timberlands, I never thought I’d like something like this but thought why not, turns out they’re one of the best decisions for someone that walks everywhere, and so very inexpensive! I like the ivory colour, not the brightest white or grey, they look great styled up with a cape or just some skinny jeans. For accessories my ring is from Gemporia, a retailer for wonderful jewellery ranging from really fair high street prices to the designer end of the scale, this is a heart shaped citrine ring, in a gorgeous yellow, I adore the cut and style and wear it everywhere I go!

To finish off the outfit I’ve styled this with my Timex Weekender Watch and Polette Sunglasses, a clash of materials but a great variation of colour!

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