Nusound Headphones Review - Stephi LaReine UK Lifestyle Blogger

I show my picks of the month, what I’ve been listening to during the month of January for a fresh February of new releases, everything from Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds to Buzzcocks!


Nusound Headphones Review - Stephi LaReine UK Lifestyle Blogger

January has seen the dawn of some pretty inspirational tunes, I got a great feeling about the rest of 2015 as we see the re-emergence of old classics throwing in their two pence before calling it quits for the mansions in L.A.

I personally believe we’ve outgrown the true boundaries between mainstream music and independent genres, everything seems to be blurring, and alternative is shining through as the ‘new’ form of expression, when really it was there all along. All these songs have got me through the cold January and have me extra excited for festivals in the summer!

I’m so fussy with my headphones, I listen to myself anywhere, and I found these by NuSound are great for the fast paced walker like myself, I can’t wear in ear bud sets as they just fall out and the adjustable strap means I never ruin my hair when I’m on the go. There’s something satisfying about having a large pair of headphones, my music becomes more of an experience, they’re available here for a pretty affordable price in a range of colours, and the quality is exceptional for its build and overall sound.

You can listen to this playlist anywhere, at home, in work, at school, music can’t be tamed!

What’s your favourite track, or what have you been listening to this month?


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