LOOKING AFTER CLOTHES PROPERLY WITH LG// Stephi LaReine LFW, pink primark leather jacket

99% of Brits cannot recognise common garment care symbols! Despite 9 in 10 owning a washing machine! Fashion aside, good garment care means you invest in clothing for life and not just season by season, its time to care of your clothes like you would yourself, or a pet, with respect! A lack of understanding of basic laundry instructions is leading to Brits ruining over £2 billion worth of clothing each year

• When asked to identify a selection of common garment care symbols, less than one per cent of Brits knew them all

• 29 per cent of respondents couldn’t identify any symbols correctly

• Almost half of Brits admit to not checking garment care label instructions

• Not even one in 10 respondents could identify the symbol for ‘normal tumble dry’

• On average an individual will damage £3,969 worth of garments in the wash over their lifetime

LOOKING AFTER CLOTHES PROPERLY WITH LG// Stephi LaReine LFW, pink primark leather jacket

As LG Electronics (LG) returns as the Official Garment Care Supplier at London Fashion Week this February, the brand is highlighting the Nation’s struggle to properly care for its wardrobes. Despite more than 94 per cent of Brits now owning a washing machine, almost half of those asked admitted to not separating their laundry according to garment care instructions and more than 60 per cent of respondents admitted to frequently defaulting to ‘Quick Wash’ functions to complete their laundry. It’s not surprising then that Brits are ruining at least one garment each a year, regardless of having more advanced wash technology at our disposal than ever before.

Those aged 55 and over were the best at recognising garment care symbols, whilst 25 – 34 year olds performed the worst recognising even fewer instructions than 18 – 24 year olds. This impressive understanding from those who grew up in the 50s and 60s could be attributed to the fact that clothing was much more of a commodity during that time and there was a necessity for people to really care for what they wear, versus today’s undeniable trend for fast fashion. With the right washing cycles, and careful attention paid to garment care instructions, clothes can last longer and look better; something that these statistics suggest the younger generation could stand to learn.

LOOKING AFTER CLOTHES PROPERLY WITH LG// Stephi LaReine LFW, pink primark leather jacket

Men fell behind women when tasked to recognise washing symbols, performing worst on the ironing visual – which may come as no surprise to some households. However, despite their weaker knowledge of the symbols, men are less likely to automatically switch to ‘Quick Wash’ programmes than women, opting for more specialised wash cycles when doing the laundry.

Andy Mackay, UK Commercial Director at LG Electronics comments: “LG recognises the increasing consumer demand for technology features that provide efficiency. With people living ever-busier lives, smart features can really assist in helping to cut the time spent on household chores and improve our performance too. That’s why LG continually strives to provide consumers with innovative technologies that allow for a more efficient and smarter lifestyles, such as TurbowashTM and NFC technology.”

LG understands the importance of advanced garment care, with washing machines built around providing a wash that keeps clothes looking better for longer. Some of LG’s leading technologies to support caring for what we wear, include:

LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive delivers a range of spins speeds and drum motions that can match the needs of almost all domestic washing. From vigorous spins to shift heavy dirt, to delicate rotations that simulate careful hand-washing, the wash performance of the machine is greatly improved, giving perfect results every time. TurbowashTM offers an alternative to standard ‘quick washes’ found in most machines, delivering a more thorough wash but still reducing the wash cycle time. Thanks to the innovative built-in jet spray, LG’s machines with TurbowashTM technology can deliver a full wash in less than an hour, saving time, water and energy. NFC technology gives users an unprecedented level of control over their washing: simply tap a compatible smartphone against the machine to download diagnostic information, or upload new wash cycles tailored specifically to individual garments and materials, all handled through the intuitive LG

Smart Laundry App.

Do you look after your clothes properly?


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