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In every corner of the Blogosphere I’ve seen so many posts like ‘The Predictions Of Blogging In 2015’ and ‘How To Start A Blog In The New Year’ that provide the knowledge behind the blog and all that it has to offer, and sometimes I like to strip back the idea down to its bare raw form and remember the process. I think as someone that studies Photography and been in the industry a while, you never quite lose touch with the beauty of holding a camera or getting initial ideas down onto paper, and sometimes that can be as satisfying as the final piece which in this case is a live post.

Today I’m going to be showing you a few of my new favourite essentials that may get left out, but something so small and what can seem insignificant can create your blog a niche identity and improve the overall look.


Well duh?! It seems with everyone getting DSLR’s and becoming small-time photographers its best to leave out the obvious cameras, because no doubt you can scroll through Google in 10 seconds and find a blogging camera you like the look of. This camera however is more than just any camera (This is an M&S camera, I joke, I’m sorry!) this is the Go Pro Hero 4 Black, the latest and greatest from Go Pro HQ, something you probably wouldn’t believe is smaller than a compact mirror, and somehow is being used in newest Bond movies.

This baby can film in 4K, HD and be used for super slow-mo. It also takes photos which is a bonus, I hate lugging round my big DSLR camera and will avoid it at any cost, but now I have something I can slip into my pocket I can document all my adventures and get them all streamed to my phone Go Pro app.

The only downside to this, is the lack of LCD screen, which can be a bummer if you like to see everything you are doing, but if you’re like me and like the surprise of watching everything back afterwards this is for you. LCD screens are available to clip on but not by standard default when bought. If you’ve never seen some of the monumental footage that comes out these tiny devices, check out this video here! It makes the hairs on my arm stand on end, I personally believe this camera will lead us into a new generation of even smaller technology.


This is applicable to those who use a smaller camera or even a phone camera for their blog as they might not be away of the traditional use of filters. But for people who have DSLRs you’re probably more aware of their uses, but I cannot stress how much easier and more creative life is by buying a simple few filters to add to your collection. When I’m out and about shooting I insist on permanently having my UV filter on, not only does it protect your lens if you ever knocked it or dropped it (Which I have) but it stops overexposing sun glare in your photos, yes it will be the best £5 you ever spent on your collection.

In the age of Instagram, we now recognise filters as being the fun effects we overlay our digital photographs, but if we strip back to the days where this marvellous social media never existed filters were the little screw ons that went on the front of the lens, they allow the photographer to have a bit more creativity whether that’s a coloured filter or gradient, these filters enhance the photograph before we take it. I’ve included my favourite which is the purple filter, giving a very cool colour scheme to everything, my warming filter and my polaroid which is handy at making skies more true to life and makes water completely clear (Perfect for beach holidays!) This is my favourite pick for someone on the hunt for some fantastic good quality filters!



We all remember paper right? Hopefully there are more than a few of you out there that haven’t gone completely digital. I love my technology, and now that we’re seeing the likes of Phablets  its never been so easy to jot down a note or two. I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, if you’d like to see how I use them in my blogging routine check these posts out, here and here!

For now I’m chatting about trees, I love the originality of carrying round a notebook, the aesthetic is unbeatable and doesn’t require charging. I’m always sourcing ideas from every second of my day, from blog posts to photoshoots to giving people my contact details and of course my shopping lists, I always recommend picking up some funky stationary for your handbag. Notebooks despite being bad for the environment if you abuse it, can be more beneficial when brainstorming and getting ideas down, the great thing about paper is how super cheap it is, so go out get writing down all those wonderful thoughts! Here are some of my favourite notebooks this year: 1, 2 and 3!

2015 is a revolutionary new year for us all, with new ways of communicating, I don’t want people to forget the little things that make the changes we seek, just something a little different for you to ponder on. Let me know what things you have been using this year for your blogging!

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