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We are all special, unique and share different opinions but is niche blogging the future of our kind and content?

It’s universal truth that this is the year of the blogger, and no I’m not talking about Chinese New Year! Despite blogging being around for some years now, it’s come to the attention of the media that our honesty and reliability have now shadowed some forms of advertising. We pause our televisions when the adverts come on to put on the kettle and check our phones as we scroll through our social media, maybe even click on a blog link to inform you of X’s latest product. Funny isn’t it, I think my theory speaks volumes of how we see the future of advertising, we go to the source, the people who are up to their elbows in swatches in their bedrooms over the super HD, expensive, research based adverts. But is it all the same now? No! Because I’m telling you how to stand out from the crowd in regards to your content!

Be happy, but be yourself! 

Bloggers are now getting book deals, make up lines, touring countries and releasing e-courses, but it seems that the bigger the blogger, the fancier the content.
I sometimes look at these peoples blogs and they are almost the adverts seen on tv. Not to say that’s necessarily a bad thing, the more money they are making the more entitled they are as anyone else to buy a fancier camera, because they no doubt like the rest of us work very hard to please.

But I believe we’re now in a generation of bloggers all doing the same thing. Sometimes we look at others peoples work, and we aspire to be that person, live that life and shell out that content, when really we should be doing our own thing, living our own lives and not others.
If I wanted to stand tall amongst giants I would write new content, make people go ‘ooh’ or however you want people to react. In no way am I telling you you’re a bad blogger if you want to write a review on the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, because I too have wrote that review because it made me happy, which to me is what blogging is all about.

Do not limit yourself!

This is where I stand with me and my blog, I do it because I have a passion to write, as well as take photographs. That’s what I always wanted to do, be a photographer, get pen to paper whether it meant doodle for a living or write for a magazine, pah maybe even write a book one day! But my fashion/lifestyle content just happens to fall into my particular interests, my one of many interests I might add, but you can apply this to anything. Just because today I want to write about personal style, it doesn’t mean I can’t talk about travel tomorrow, because that interests me too!
I know quite a few people who might disagree with my ideas that a blog shouldn’t be more than one category, but I think now to be a blogger, the generic term thrown around usually falls under a few categories: Lifestyle, Tech, Travel and Mum blogger and sometimes people can get caught up in one category. I like to swing from one to another, because that makes me happy!  I like to live my life where my blog is formed from all the rich content from my life.

Share your life with the world!

My advice is to be a blog star is to live your content, and breath in the inspiration from others and exhale individuality. The gibberish tweets you send in the morning, to the instagram selfie of your shoes, the screen shot of your favourite playlist, you are the star of your own show, the audience sitting with a tub of popcorn under one arm are watching your life from the outside looking into a person full of personality, opinion, ideas and mind boggling thoughts.

When reflecting, my most personal heart felt posts and content has been my most successful and I imagine it’s other peoples too. When we watch these Youtubers with no makeup sharing their secrets we see them as they are, only human of course and nothing more but we create a touch point where we identify with them, no one else can copy that or write a review of how you feel, so tell the world a story and the more value you put into your audience the more likely they will want to invest in you and your talents. Please don’t compare yourself to others and do your thing!


What do you do that no one else does? How do you see bloggers in relation to themselves and their content? Keep me in the loop with how you feel about all this and keep discussing how unique we all are! Let me know your thoughts!


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