Clarins Powder*// Candle (similar) // Broach* Storm Watch* // Clarins Mascara*// Clarins Concealer*// Marc Jacobs Daisy// Clarins Lipstick*

Clarins Powder*// Candle (similar) // Broach*

Storm Watch* // Clarins Mascara*// Clarins Concealer*// Marc Jacobs Daisy// Clarins Lipstick*

I’ve never been one for gold, I love silver, I love rose gold, but somehow…perhaps it’s because Christmas is only 8 weeks away, I’m in a gold, red and green mentality. It’s like as soon as Halloween finished orange was out my head, is that weird? I don’t know. Anywhom these are some of my favourite products and items that have got me super excited for the festive season that I’d love to share with you!

I’ve been absolutely adoring Clarins this season, I wrote a post about them and LFW if you care to read it here! I’ve been particularly loving their powder, concealer and mascara, generally three areas that I am a tough cookie over, I generally have a lot of experience with each cosmetic and found them all to be long lasting, and exactly what it’s meant to do. The powder is great for applying as a finishing powder over liquid, cremes or other applications of powder without cracking, drying or looking too heavy. The concealer I use on blemishes and the dark circles under my eyes and it really brightens the area and is so easily blendable. Finally the mascara deserves some justification this is the only mascara I deem perfect for lower lashes! THERE I SAID IT! I must add I do not use it for my top lashes as I’m so happy with my lower lashes after using this, I really do think they should advertise it as primarily for lower lashes, no clumps or mess. Perfect!

Perfume wise – I’m a great fan of Marc Jacobs ever since I was bought my first Marc Jacobs Dot and the christmas after asked for Daisy, it’s been almost a year and I’ve just finished their 100ml. Never has their been something that fits my personality, a sweet but not too sickly or fruity, not too adultish floral, as the Goldilocks would put it…just right. It’s a blogger favourite and I believe the hype, it’s absolute heaven to smell, with an adorable bottle!

I’ve also been loving candles, this one I got from Amazon, is perfect enough to buy a 1000 for around my house, when it gets colder, I feel it so badly and always have to light candles, does anyone do this by instinct when they come in?

Storm - Sentilli Limited Edition Watch 25th anniversary

This year marks the 25th year of Storm, in celebration they have designed a limited edition piece that’s timeless (sorry for the pun) called Sentilli. I absolutely love the style, it looks classic and elegant on your wrist  with its minimalistic face, secondary rotating hand and Swarovski crystal on the crown and has been a great addition to my watch collection, the saturation in the gold is unreal and I’ve never owned anything so shiny and think this would be a fantastic gift for a close one at Christmas.

Clarins - True Aubergine

The other absolute fave of the both is this lipstick from Clarins in the shade True Aubergine, I find 90% of lipsticks to be too light for my lip colour and barely show up or my vibrant red lips are still too noticeable, this colour is a gorgeous berry colour that’s perfect for winter and wearing in the evening, I cannot stop wearing it! Against a paler complexion like mine it really does look juicy and amazing, probably due to its long lasting technology that stops dehydrating, and really does what it says on the tin, lasts all bloody day!

What have you been loving?

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