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Today was a weird day, I got up for uni at 6:20am, to be in for 9am, to find out I wasn’t actually due in that day and felt whilst I was at it I might as well do some artwork, all the first years were staring at me, and I felt especially anxious and sensitive knowing I hadn’t been well days prior and knew I probably wasn’t looking particularly healthy by comparison to some days. I felt watched. After a few hours work, I tootled back to the bus stop with a great sense of achievement.

On the bus I was greeted by a old lady around 70 who disrupted me with my earphones in (this seems to happen quite a lot, almost like it’s rude to not make conversation even though she’s a stranger) the bus is silent as a mouse, packed full of people, she makes polite on the surface conversation, to which it’s thrown off on a tangent by the boisterous tone in her voice echoed the question ‘Why did you dye your hair pink?’ I reply ‘Because I like pink hair and  it is part of who I am’ she knocked me down a few pegs by telling me that what I was doing is not normal, that I should dye my hair black (Odd I know!) and wear more sensible clothes, appropriate for a lady because it is ‘weird’, tutting when I became defensive of my appearance.


It almost seems nowadays being unique, special, or individual is labelled with the connotations of being weird, strange and unapproachable, maybe I’m thinking too much into this whole matter, but I thought society got over the whole judging people’s appearances long ago.

We now live in the age of individuality where unique new styles and looks are praised, inspiring the world.

Take the fashion industry if we all stuck with sensible, normal, and acceptable clothing, designers would be tearing their hair from their root. Fashion & our appearances are an expression of our personalities, tastes and of our own representation, that becomes our identity. I understand this lady within her generation didn’t quite have the rebellion and diversity that this world does today, but I think of it as quite rude to interrupt someone from their day to day life, their own bubble of joy to insult them and get one up by saying they are not appropriate and not normal.

This all falls into the same category as people who are prejudice and stereotype people with brightly coloured hair, tattoos and piercings as being unemployable, something we’ve just shifted out the shadows from in the UK.
Creativity should be praised. This website is a large portion of my creativity which includes a lot of pictures of me, my hair, my personal style and I am praised for my creative solutions that benefits many hundreds that read it every day. But it worries me that we still live in a world where people think it’s unacceptable to look a certain way.

I just want everyone to take a sense of equality away with them today after reading this. That just because you look very different to another, because of ethnicity, height, weight, age or style it doesn’t mean to say you are wrong or inappropriate for looking that way. You are your own character, and as long as you can identify with yourself as being happy with that, nothing should matter. I didn’t judge that lady for her dress sense because she is her own being, and that is what makes her happy, I didn’t let those comments sink in because I am very happy with who I am and how I express myself. This world is made for us creative souls so let others thrive off being unique and not being a sheep.

What makes you individual?


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