This is a subject I have to tread awfully careful around. Some of you might be asking why I’m posting a product filled post when I am an advocate of natural use, well ladies and gents I’m here to inform all products mentioned have been trialled, tested and adored. These particulars have worked very well for me and are exceptionally natural in comparison to some that have previously destroyed my hair years prior. I have thick, course, frizzy, curly, unruly hair and must enforce that this is my hair care and if your hair is listed in the description above I would highly recommend these. Let me share some of my hair care faves!



I hold Fudge very dear to me, I have them to thank for my luscious pink locks, and thankfully they have amazing hair care and styling products for the damaged and poorly mistreated hair of the past, the Think Big Texture Spray is wonderful for the days where my curly hair mattes and becomes cloud like, giving it separation, luckily there’s never really a day where texture isn’t in my hair as each curly independently does its own thing but I like to give it a bit more oomph and spray some on the ends of my hair when I go out. Likewise with their sea salt spray, this you can over do so easily when you have dry hair and should use with caution as salt strips moisture but is absolutely amazing for getting beach hair, I like to use this on my roots as my replacement of dry shampoo!
Fudge has an extensive range, check it out here! 


When it comes to washing, I barely shampoo, now I shampoo my hair every 5/6 days the natural oils start to control themselves and rarely get greasy but the ends of my hair get very dry and course, I like to use both products to activate some moisture when washing,  I’m not a massive fan of leave in conditioners as my hair dying routine involves leaving dye mixture with large quantities of conditioner in for an hour or so but after leaving in the super rich conditioner for 10 minutes of tweet browsing and instagramming my ends are smooth and silky!
After towel drying or what now is a new tool in my hair care routine to replace a towel, a t-shirt (see why here) I like to apply some oils and lotions to keep it smooth and manageable throughout the brushing process which for me is the easily the bit I’d love to skip on but unfortunately spend a long time brushing my Rapunzel hair ~Insert Tangled Music Here~. This styling balm is brilliant for defining curls when used sparely!
Have a look at Bumble & Bumbles newest products here!



Finally last and certainly not least, the secret miracle maker if there ever was one. I will rave post to post about the endless benefits of coconut oil that one day I will confine to a blog post in the not so distant future. Especially for curly haired fiends like myself the hair follicle due to its spiralled strands are more prone to damage and coconut oil is the answer to injecting moisture back into lifeless and dead hair. Vita Cocos is brilliant for it as it’s travel and handbag friendly and I let it float in the bath to heat it as coconut oil comes rock solid and turns to liquid when heated (also perfect for cooking and skincare, all will be revealed soon!) See for yourself here!


 There are a few others I have mentioned in previous posts see listed below, but I really must point out these are products that work for me and my hair, only you know what your body needs but good hair care is down to a good diet, happiness and leading a healthy lifestyle and not abusing what you have!

What are you current hair care and hair styling favourites?


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