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The LG G3, one of the latest and greatest phones on the market today, seemingly appearing as a piece of technology well ahead of its time, I put this in a league of its own. Finally I kissed goodbye to my Samsung Galaxy Ace, something that was great for its own time but needed something a bit more 2014, I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on the newest technology to date and how I’ve utilised it to become a part of my lifestyle.

Firstly I want to discuss design, this phone is pretty big, you can see in my hand how it sits and at 5.5inches, it may not be to everyones taste or hand size but certainly impresses in its build, all buttons are stripped down to a minimal, no front or side rockers or sliders, just two volume rockers on the back that doubles as a screenshot and quick access camera button and a lock button in between, very clean cut. The whole design is a metal looking plastic shell, with Gorilla glass for the clumsy klutz like myself, I always see smashed Iphone screens and can sleep at night knowing my LG is sturdy.

LG G3, review, camera, fashion and lifestyle blogger, tech review, fbloggers, lbloggers, bbloggers

The first app opened upon picking it up was the camera, and whilst this is not the norm to most, the camera is a very important function in a photographer, graphic designer and bloggers life, I am constantly using it to snap inspiration, sketches, notes for uni and sending mischievous pictures of my cat doing odd things, overall it’s an all round must in my life.

The LG G3 has a 13MP camera that uses laser technology to autofocus, meaning in the darkest scenarios the camera focuses through the laser and not light and dark contrasts. From testing this myself I found the images came out a lot clearer and less grainy, which is a bonus at gigs/festivals and nights out! The interface is simple, the G3 is all about the simplicity, which is what I want in a phone, a shutter, back button, and a few nifty settings, the rest I can find in an editing app! One really cool feature is the voice activated shutter, say the words ‘Smile’ ‘Whisky’ ‘LG’ and ‘Cheese’ and a picture is taken, I am easily impressed!

LG G3, review, camera, fashion and lifestyle blogger, tech review, fbloggers, lbloggers, bbloggers

When I was out and about at London Fashion Week I had this permanently turned on, Wifi on, GPS on,  screen brightness at 100% and between a 4am alarm call and getting home at midnight the battery lasted so well throughout the day, and whilst the battery isn’t the best of all of 2014’s phones it worked for me and what I like to use it for day to day and died at about 10pm

Some features I really enjoy is the Quick Memo+, that allows me to stop and write a message on whatever screen I currently have open and save it, for a person who likes to annotate, highlight and make constant notes this is such a simple and handy feature, once again simplicity and ease is definitely the aim of the game. I also really like the KnockOn feature, which is a security technique that allows you to access the phone locked by a series of knocks on a selective part of the screen.

Little surprises LG have included make it a really content experience to browse through, shopping online and communicating is fast, efficient and have really lovely set ups on a wonderful display, that I struggle to find something I don’t like about it, my only negative point being that I’m struggling to find a cute case to put on it and personalise it but that’s not a technical flaw so overall ticks all the boxes for someone who needs to communicate, explore, and have one of the fastest operating system to date, for more information, check it out here at:

LG G3, review, camera, fashion and lifestyle blogger, tech review, fbloggers, lbloggers, bbloggers

As you all probably know, LG have been one of the lead sponsors of LFW this year, and have partnered with designer Ashley Williams to help publicise the importance of garment care. This partnership marks the brand’s return as the Official Garment Care Supplier to London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2015, for the seventh consecutive season. As part of this collaboration, LG’s Steam Team continues to play a key role during London Fashion Week, working backstage to ensure that all clothes look fresh, sleek and sharp for the runway. Ashley for SS’15 has designed a garment carrier inspired by how the east and the west responded to cultural revolutions throughout the 60’s and 70’s. Go to for more information on Ashley Williams garment care revelation!

What technology have you been loving this year?



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