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As the expression goes ‘I’ll stop wearing black when they discover a darker colour’ this speaks to me on a spiritual level as I will find any excuse to wear black, Trinny and Susannah wouldn’t like to look inside my wardrobe to find a dissapointing lack of colour, but they say supposedly 9/10’s wardrobes are filled with nothing but black and grey? So why do we lack so much colour?

 Black is flattering, slenderising, classic and minimalistic. It’s such a universal colour to wear and much more wearable than a coloured outfit that is more difficult to co-ordinate, we all play the safe card and think it’s time to break out of our habits. I will at no point tell anyone to stop wearing black because I know myself I couldn’t take myself out my comfort zone but hopefully this post will inspire you to add a pop of colour into the little things.

Stephi LaReine// UK Fashion Blogger, pink hair, top knot, olivia burton watch, west coat tee, oceanic jewellery


This summer I’ve explored colour a lot more and started off with the smallest of things, jewellery, bags and watches for their interchangable nature, accessories are also a great medium to build on, your outfit palette can be revolutionary and show stopping with the correct use of colour building. Since having pink hair I’ve liked more purples, reds and pinks, from that I build a colour palette using accessories. This bag, watch and ring are wonderful because they’re a pop of colour in a subtle way, in correlation with a little black dress that’s your outfit sorted!

Watch// Necklace*// Ring*// Bag

Hair Colour

This one’s not for all, in this generation we’ve socially accepted coloured hair a lot more than we did when it was first introduced, with the likes of musicians and actors going vibrant and bright, everyone was lavishing on the dye. This is a great way to have a temporary pop of colour as most coloured dyes fade to pastel and back to normal. In my experience Fudge Paintbox have been my favourite to work with, if you’d like to see how I maintain my hair see hereFudge’s vast range is pigmented and not damaging next to some. The colour definitely turns heads and brings brightness back into my look, so I don’t feel guilty and like a goth when I go out head to toe in black.


I would definitely say this is for the people who don’t dare try the suggestion above, this ones for everyone, makeup can be wiped off, if you don’t like it you’re only one baby wipe away from taking it off. I shame the person who wears the same browns and neutrals every day, make up is playful and can get very creative, and I think everyone should switch up their usual routine once in a while. I’ve been loving Elf’s massive eyeshadow palettes and only picked it up for a couple of pound in the sale, a bit of colour around the eyes can add emphasis and the key is to blend properly, or if you like a bold lip there are thousands of options, here I’m using Playboy’s Bubblegum Pink* a great alternative to high end lipsticks!


If you don’t favour products a shoe is alternatively good for throwing some colour back in your wardrobe, with the world at your feet, a good shoe will take you places (sorry with the feet/shoe puns I’ll stop now) I personally love a good statement shoe whether it’s colourful or not, but these Converse for instance are bold and recognisable, team that head to toe with black any time of year for a casual look.

Finally I just wanted to add that you can wear anything you like, don’t let me tell you what you can and cannot wear, at the end of the day it’s up to you what you feel comfortable in, whether it’s a massive amount of colour or in small amounts like me, colour is versatile and can be used in lots of different ways and I would love to hear how you all style up colour when you find it hard breaking out a fully black wardrobe!

What do you think?

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  1. Sandy Greere
    September 25, 2014 / 11:00 am

    Bravo to you this makes me want to use more colour!

  2. Anonymous
    September 25, 2014 / 1:12 pm

    Well written post! xxx

  3. September 25, 2014 / 1:16 pm

    Yes I have succeeded, thank you Sandy! 🙂 x

  4. September 25, 2014 / 1:16 pm

    I'm glad you liked the writing! x

  5. September 25, 2014 / 2:04 pm

    Another great post, Stephi! I soooo want to colour my hair, just lilac highlights but so far no hairdresser wants to touch my hair. Said the bleach will ruin my hair and they don't want to do that to me. 🙁

    Reflection of Sanity

  6. September 25, 2014 / 2:13 pm

    Thank you very much Shireen! Once is a one off, you have dark hair and there will be damage so I advise you get the smallest highlights you can get away with, but they should advise you but if you still wish to continue you should be allowed, there are many hairdressers who would happily do it, or if you believe you know how you want it with the skills go and buy the bleach and powders (Not box bleach, that stuff is killer) I really hope this helps I don't want to see someone without when it's perfectly plausible! x

  7. September 25, 2014 / 3:34 pm

    This really makes me want to wear more colour! I love the way you put it in your makeup, I constantly have a bright red lip but never venture out into anything else! x

  8. September 25, 2014 / 3:57 pm

    Awhhh thank you dear, I think everyone should have a go at trying a fun coloured hair once 🙂 x

    and fantastic sharing the love!!!!

  9. September 25, 2014 / 3:58 pm

    I'm glad you like the way i've styled it all!
    I used to be just the same, a bright red lip is a classic I never ventured beyond a Mac Russian Red, now I'm a convert! x

  10. September 25, 2014 / 5:05 pm


    As a fellow lover of black (but mainly grey or navy), I have to agree that a pop of colour now and then works a treat to perk up your mood as well as your outfit : )

    Great post!

    Faded Windmills

  11. September 25, 2014 / 5:44 pm

    Lovely post! I love the watch and the converses! Abi 🙂

  12. September 25, 2014 / 7:32 pm

    I loved reading this. I might also go over my blonde dip dye with colour – but parting with an all black wardrobe will take time. Brill post!

  13. September 25, 2014 / 10:00 pm

    Good girl that's exactly what I like to hear, and thank you I'll have to use this more! 🙂 x

  14. September 25, 2014 / 10:01 pm

    Glad you like the post and of course, it's always fun and fresh to re-introduce what we forget after Spring/summer x

  15. September 25, 2014 / 10:02 pm

    wahey good girl, us pink haired girls stick together 🙂 x

  16. September 25, 2014 / 10:02 pm

    Thank you so much and definitely go for it! 🙂 x

  17. September 25, 2014 / 10:03 pm

    Go for it and we always need a little perk in the A/W!! x

  18. September 26, 2014 / 2:35 am

    Love your ideas! Color is so important to have in our lives! I personally rarely ever wear black.


  19. Anonymous
    September 26, 2014 / 7:40 am

    perfect post!!

  20. September 26, 2014 / 9:57 am

    What a fun post! Wearing black can be comfortable & hence safe. Even a bit of colour can transform an outfit xx

    Zahra |

  21. September 26, 2014 / 2:54 pm

    Hi Stephi,

    I nominated you for the sisterhood of the world bloggers awards. visit my blog for the questions, i look forward to reading your post.

    Best of wishes, Dalal

  22. September 26, 2014 / 3:16 pm

    Hi Thank you very much for that 🙂 x

  23. September 26, 2014 / 3:19 pm

    Thank you so much, it definitely is and wow I wish I could not wear black at all!!

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