volt reading and leeds// stephi lareine // giveaway competition, rechargable battery

I’m soon to be attending Leeds Festival in a matter of days, less than a week in fact and whilst spirits are running high I want to be able to document every last moment, I’ve mentioned before how I thrive at festivals, and been given the opportunity to team up with Volt Recharging Service, let me tell you a little about why I picked them over others!

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark Volt supply the best in festival mobile charging in conditions where accessibility to charging stations are unavailable. (They even claim that they can charge your 10 year old Nokia)

volt reading and leeds// stephi lareine // giveaway competition, rechargable battery

The issue I previously had with charging at festivals is that you are required to walk roughly a mile away from the stage you want to be at, leaving your phone in unsafe hands, to be charged an extortionate price for a flimsy charge and no photos from your favorite act. Volt alternatively allows you to charge on the go, enjoy the festival as it is happening and share all the things you wanted without worrying about every running out of battery.

For the price of £16.95 or £20.00 at the festival, you are given a small pocket size power station, half the weight of an iphone 4 and capable of charging in 90 minutes, they supply the cables and you exchange it once a day! What’s not to love?

I’m providing one lucky reader also going to Leeds or Reading Festival to be in with the chance of having a Volt Charger , if you want to be able to document the entire festival all you have to do is:


Head over to my twitter @StephiLaReine and tweet me and @GetVolt with the hashtags #Powertogo & #RandL14 with a ‘Powerful Moment’ as to why you’d like to have a Volt Charger and retweet this Giveaway Tweet 


A Lucky winner will be selected at random and we’ll want you to tweet us a picture of you and your Volt Charger with the same hashtags


for more information head over to Getvolt.dk/

What do you like about festivals?


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