I’ve been asked this so frequently during my time online, and that is “How do you find the time of day  to blog/ study at university and still go out?” To which I answer most the time ‘I don’t’ or ‘I do not sleep’ I find there is not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do, I simply don’t. I am not consistent in my ways, and should schedule posts due to this. I ride the tide when the creative flow hits me! But I hope I can guide a few lost souls back to shore when it comes to starting out!

Recently I have been organising everything else in life, my blog this month in particular has been put to the back seat til I feel every thing is under control, Student Finance and stresses of being more independent has meant I haven’t been able to create the content I perhaps have wished!

I have already wrote out to do lists, schedules and categorised my life a lot more which I suppose is a sign of improvement! We all need a slap on the wrist to break bad time keeping habits time to time don’t we?!

Do any of you get the most inspiring momentum to kick start a wonderful idea and lose the motivation to finish it? ~raises hand~ Hi I am Stephi and I am an Incompleter. I have more drafts than I do published posts, granted a lot of them are old ideas and I am a big believer that you should get everything down and never throw it away, no one is perfect at the end of the day, so don’t feel guilty if sometimes life expects you to juggle your priorities occasionally!

Anywhom the unanswered question is, How do you find the time to do everything in the day? Here are a few things that have helped me make time for important things:


I see a successful person and I do not see them riding on the back of others, holding their head in their hands crying in the shadow of another, whether they have copied or merely based something on someone else’s work you should constructively critique your work on the basis that you have made something and celebrate your creativity, ask yourself are YOU happy with it? And not for the satisfaction of others around you!

 Leading a negative mindset I’ve found is very destructive and becomes transparent throughout the persons work. They doubt what they even believe in, and lose hope in their writing, eventually the passion to read is gone. Boom. Lost readership. Other people should enlighten you to carry on, not put you down! Do everything you want to do and achieve, you are unique, you are not a sheep.


I know this is a very hard one to do, particularly when you’re in education and you have deadlines, the nights fly by sleep deprived, fuelled with caffeine and the second you hit the pillow seems like the second your alarm goes off. Sleep is very important to our bodies but staying in bed is equally as bad for you and your body clock. Since being in a relationship with someone who’s work alarm goes off the same time every day, I’ve learnt the importance of a wake up regime and having an efficient productive morning.

Somehow I have found myself fresh as a daisy at 5/6am ready to write a post before breakfast. Your natural body clock jiggles itself into thinking it’s the perfect time to wake up, and despite it being an ungodly hour of the morning these mornings have been some of the most enjoyable mornings of my life! No one likes waking up rushed, flustered and tired. Take that extra bit of time to enjoy the day!


During university it seemed an absolute pain to turn down drinks with friends when I had a deadline or previous plans. I felt boring the first, almost rude to not always say yes, I forgot to think about me at the end of the day that I am far more important than what someone thinks of me. Now I think for myself and when I feel like a quiet one, or I know I need to post or prioritise something, I will not feel any guilt in saying no to someone. They will still respect you, like I’m sure they’ve said no to you in the past. It’s not the last time you’ll ever see them again!

Distractions are the one thing that hinders my creativity, and if you can’t remove the distractions, remove yourself from that situation. Turn your phone off, not silent, completely off1 Turn the tv off and put on some more melodic music, I’ve found classical to be a fave when I need a productive writing session, nothing too bold to cloud your thoughts! This is all not to say to not be social, be as social as you want but do not let it leave the important things to last minute!

Other suggestions I have are to make to-do lists every week, keep an active lifestyle and clock watch how long you spend on Pinterest (Guilty as hell). I hope this advice has helped particularly students, freelancers and those who find the work/home balance stressful

Do you have any tips or tricks for time management?

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