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Since turning 20 I can consider myself a full adult and even though I’m only just stretching my wings, I’ve had too many conversations with people that make me feel old in the early sproutings of my life, things like ‘Jesus was The Lion King that many years ago?’ and ‘I’ve been dying my hair for 9 years’ ‘My high school friends all have baby scans as their profile pictures’ they may not seem like much, but to me they are some of the thousands of random observations I make everyday, here are some of the things that runs through my mind as an adult and probably yours too…

1// If I buy this £100 bag, I will get slender because I can only afford to live off baked beans

2// Why are women punished monthly for not falling pregnant?

3// I should go running ~lounges in active-wear and running shoes all day~

4// I’ve totally got my life mapped out according to my Pinterest boards

5// Is that a stretch mark or did I sleep on a bed sheet crease?

6// I’m so tired, yet cannot sleep

7// Isn’t it weird how hair grows out your head?

8// My available balance is what?

9// I am a strong independent young adult ~wilters to a puddle at the sight of a kitten~

10// I should travel the world, right now

Do you ever think the strangest thoughts?

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