Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing Brush Review

I have been kindly gifted the Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing Brush just before my birthday, the new range of cleansing brushes that revolutionises the standard flannel, this brush utilises electromagnetic technology to deeply cleanse using 10,000 pulsed oscillations per minute to exfoliate and remove makeup, dirt and build up even after a standard cleansing routine.

The package contains:

  • Dual Mode Lucid Brush
  • Wireless Travel Charger and adapters
  • Active Clean Brush Head
  • Instructions
  • 12 month warranty card

The brush comes with two modes, deep clean and sensitive. Due to it being early days and I have very sensitive skin I have remained on the sensitive mode, not to say that it doesn’t do a deep cleanse, its gentle brush rotation gives sufficient cleansing. In my regime after using wipes and cleansers it still takes off any trapped makeup leaving the brush head my foundation colour, which made me think why have I never considered using one of these before? For years I’ve been going to bed with remaining makeup clogging my pores, making my skin increasingly worse.

I primarily tested this on my travels to Dublin using it on the ferry and in my hotel room, the size is compatible and perfect for travelling. The timer provides a 20 second zonal cleanse, guiding you through different facial zones and stops after one minute. In my experiences I was advised to use it twice a day but I’ve stuck to it just once till my skin can adapt to a new routine, I imagine this will do the battery justice as I’ve used it over 20 times and still haven’t needed to do a secondary charge.

Skin wise now, I don’t have as many breakouts, my skin feels super soft that I unfortunately cannot stop touching my face in the bath. I feel my makeup sits better on my skin, as well as cleansers and particularly moisturisers absorbing better. Pores around my nose looks less visible which has always been problematic throughout my teens

I love that it comes in different collectible colours, I picked Sunshine Yellow as it reminded me of summer and festivals, that is not to say I won’t use this in the winter, as I imagine this will work a treat at rehydrating my dry chapped skin.

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone particularly with sensitive skin, as in my experiences wish I had someone that advised me on a product when I first started getting hyper pigmentation and breakouts. For the price of £49.99 instead of £69.99 with free shipping this provides an affordable essential beauty tool that now plays a large part of my cleansing routine.

To buy the Magnitone Lucid visit the Look Fantastic website

I’ve since talked about my pink Magnitone Lucid here for more info!

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