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As some of you are aware of me we recently ran off to Dublin for a weekend to see Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, Jake Bugg and Royal Blood in Marlay Park. To us this seemed the beginning of a great adventure as my current residence is the closest port to Ireland and I generally meet a lot of Irish people in Liverpool, the accent, culture and street art swayed me to go and whilst the the entire city of Dublin reminded me of a very famous stretch in Liverpool called Bold Street booming with bright colours, elegant tea rooms and boutiques I also saw some sights I wish I could have never seen and experienced.

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temple bar quarter, hotel with flags, dublin, ireland, stephi lareine


Vintage Boutiques - Dublin, Ireland, Pieman cafe, jam art factory


Windmill Lane - Dublin, Ireland, street art // Stephi LaReine

We stayed at The Paramount Hotel, in the Temple Bar quarter the most cultural and gorgeous part of Dublin through my eyes, and would happily spend all my days in Temple Bars art galleries and vintage shops. I bargained a balcony and truly got to enjoy a beautiful view from 5 stories high.

Marlay Park was heaven, I thrive at gigs and a whole new Stephi comes out of her shell, amongst the many thousands of people we were some of the last to head in, sheepishly a friend remarked on how we would never make it to the front and centre and loe but half an hour later we were at the barrier to the thousands shoving behind. I’m a great believer of giving yourself to the music coming out of an experience of just you and a band, every gig I have been to I have been at the front having the best memories for numero uno, and through the rearranged ribs, hair rips and dead legs there is an inner peace that in this world is very rare for me to find.

The gig itself was astounding as ever and I was especially excited to see Royal Blood and Jake Bugg as I’ve never seen them before, two very unique sounds for two very unique acts. I’ve seen Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane before but this gig and combination was the things of fantasy that all my favourite acts perform together like some strange dream in a perfect world.

After we walked most the way back to the city centre cooling off from the hype and went for a midnight smackerel at Eddie Rockets, overall rad day, slept like an absolute baby too!

Many apologies for the photo-heavy posts, over 1000 photographs were taken on my weekend and I feel that barely touched the surface documenting my entire trip, act one, scene two to come very shortly

What experiences have you had in Ireland? Share some tips and tricks you have when going on a weekend away!

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