1. The people I have met in the first 6 months of blogging have been some of the most inspiring people I have ever met, they have not only encouraged me, but inspired me to do great things and break out the boundaries of my natural ways.

2. The knowledge that comes with learning new things, I always knew about HTML and always held interest in blogging since I was 13 but never pursued it till quite late. Its taught me to take problems into my own hands, solve said problems and develop as a human being, knowing what I do and do not like.

3. The value of my voice has benefited others, I’ve had many a message saying how inspired they have been to try new innovative ideas, how they themselves have been inspired to change their lives as a direct result of my artistic and literal direction, my voice has altered the paths of others which at the end of the day feels like the only reason for being, to change lives.

4. The constant need to create new inspiring ideas. Everything seems a copy of a copy, nothing seems original and the popular mainstream plans and schemes are only refreshed from old ideas. This blog has meant I can express whom I am and my need to constantly get ideas down onto paper or in this case text.

5. From expressing my opinion has made me listen to others, I’ve always considered myself a listener, never a speaker ironically. The judger and resolver and never the problem nor topic of gossip but you look to others in admiration of what you hope, desire and need. The simplest of answers are calling to others, making me develop my own personalised opinion of subjects I wouldn’t dare to answer.

6. Persistant positivity is re-enforced within the blogger community, rarely do I see a negative post showcasing the lame things of life, and frankly when it’s published I don’t see many positive connotations come out of it. I’ve found blogs, particularly between the winter months gets me through the s.a.d. Bloggers seem so happy, and throughout my life I’ve considered myself a happy person that loves to be surrounded by creative happy people and seeing others happy, posting about the things they want brings a massive Cheshire Cat grin to my face.

7. Blogging means no boss. No nine to five, nor answering to others, you simply work at your own pace. you are your own television channel, you are your own book, business, brand, status for others to leer on, they judge you as you please and others credit you for the hard efforts of posting content you love about. I wouldn’t be in this business if I knew I would be posting about things I don’t like, a blog comes naturally as does its posts.

8.  The future is bright, companies like to see personal opinions and how real people respond to products, experiences and more. I personally would read and buy a product based on a real persons review over an advertisement between a program. I feel blogging and vlogging are the future of personal expression and the world should be ready revving at the engines of what is to come on this roller coaster of technology.

9. Blogging is free. A small fee occurs when buying domains, website layouts and buying products but the freedom of speech is priceless, a persons voice is embraced as an individual not a collective on the internet, making each person of their own and no longer a sheep. Anyone can post anything they like, without the freedom of judgement.

10.  The concept of blogging incorporates every aspect of documenting, I personally go through phases of different social media and the only place I’ve settled on to fully rely on placing my thoughts and feelings was my blog. Nothing is to say my website has a set of rules and regulations, this blog has given me the voice I never had, the confidence to passionately talk of the things I like, love and hate, as you should to!

What do you love about blogging?

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