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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 inch and this little piece of machinery has held together my life for what is almost a year now, my being belongs to this tablet and made me lose sleep every night exploring all the apps I possess on this small device, I forgot about my phone for months, let me show you why by showing my top 5 used apps that help my day to day life.

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This app tracks your nutritional intake, in a variety of formats from pie charts of protein to carbs to fats and tracks how much weight you have lost/gained, setting yourself personal goals and enlightening you on the nutrition of the food brands you eat with precise calorie measurements and barcode scanning technology. MyFitnessPal is a good method of tracking your health even if you’re only maintaining the app encourages you, praises your great efforts and the online community are the most supportive kindest people I’ve spoken to online, real people, uniting together.

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This app has enlightened my mind to the possibilities, every visual decision I make will be re-evaluated depending on my findings on Pinterest. The amazing magical things you thought no person has thought up has been documented, and the wonderful part is you can create boards for every scenario, I’ve already mapped out my dream, home, wedding, lifestyle.

This is the constant source of inspiration to every creative with artists block, each photo is clickable sending you to the source and 9/10 times leads to a tutorial! How snazzy is that? I browse websites sighing how I will never find the  perfect cushion from my inspo… until Pinterest shows me a DIY tutorial on it or a link sending me to the original shop To conclude this rave review, if you’re ever having a down day they have a Humour section and an Animals section, it’s impossible to feel gloom when challenged by pages of cats in hats.

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Twitter – @stephilareine

Besides my website, twitter is my favourite social media platform, I go through phases of liking different platforms at different times, Twitter has remained quite consistent though. I enjoy that they’re is no competition alike Facebook for likes, friends and quality content. But if I want to randomly tweet mid-sleep about my cray dream without being judged for my mild lack of grammar I tend to tweet it. It’s an online community that encourages sharing content through retweets, favourites and external sharing links. As of last week Gifs were allowed, making the place seem like Facebook, Blogger, Vine and Instagram in one sitting. I like that sense of informality that I can tweet a sketch without everyone kicking up a large fuss like it’s an event.

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Pixlr Express

I have perhaps 15 picture editing apps, 3 drawing apps and a few premium ££ apps that I actually paid for. If you like everything in one place or the ability to choose the opacity of your layers, Pixlr Express is pretty good as an all-in-one kinda app. From effects to overlaying textures, borders, text and touching up features, I generally find I do a lot of my tablet editing through this when I’m not at my computer in Photoshop or Lightroom. Almost every instagram photo I have posted has been rendered through this and had 345578767 filters thrown on it purely because I cannot decide which filter I love the most.


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Lastly we have spotify, a few years ago if you asked me to make this post, Spotify would not of even been in my top 20, let alone 5. Spotify has really kicked up its game, contacted a lot of musicians within high demand to ask for creative permissions, only within the past year has Pink Floyd, Oasis, Led Zepplin and The Beatles been added. Spotify is a wonderful way of branding out, every morning I’ll flick through their pre-made genre playlists or recent ‘mood’ playlists to put a tone on my day. It also incorporates what others are listening to, and if you like their taste you can subscribe. I recommend buying the premium if you’re not a fan of ads blaring out every 3/4 songs. This revolutionised my being, unstuck me from my stubborn nostalgic ways and made me brand into modern music, which sometimes is not a bad thing apparently.

What are your favourite apps to use? Share your experiences with my favourites!

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