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I’m having one of those days where I cannot be bothered to get out of bed, I put pants on to collect 2 Royal Blood vinyl’s from Mr Royal Mail and that’s the most effort I’ve made all day and am eating a bowl of raw mushrooms, celery, red pepper and sprinkled peanut (oddly delicious).

I’ve been stressing about my passport and how all over the news renewal and first time passport holders are being delayed receiving them, Arctic Monkeys in Dublin is merely a few weeks away and I’m considering buying a ferry ticket and paying double for transport and travelling for 8 hours each way, because I simply cannot miss this mini getaway, I deserve to treat myself. It’s been on my mind so much tapping away at my brain like a woodpecker.

The sunny British weather that felt like it was never going to stop halted today, I’m cold for the first time in a while and making me feel a bit down and gloomy, a rarity. I just want a massive cuddle, snuggle up in bed with a gooey movie and some hot chocolate. I’m gonna run myself a lobster boiling bath with lots of bubbles, I wish we had a Lush in Birkenhead, because I’d make the commitments of strolling through town in no makeup to fetch myself a bath bomb or a bubble bar, something colourful, glittery and lovely smelling to bring my mood up, Lush is simply lush for that sort of thing.

My little sister gave me a nice uplifting phone call before, it’s her last day of college, and I spent half an hour explaining how proud I am of her and how proud she is of me, she recently got a sculpture showcased in Liverpool’s Science Museum amongst an ant tank, to which she’s been photographed for several newspapers (and I’m in one for mentioning my new gallery exhibition hoo hoo). She works so hard, dedicates so much time to her art like I do so that it’s nice to see someone who appreciates the hard efforts of others like I do of hers, her future is bright and with guidance I can see her being a large success, which makes me happy I want the best for her, to see her hard work go noticed.

It made me think about my future where I see myself and what I am doing, will be doing, what I will not be doing.  I was an early bloomer career wise I chose the artistic path at a very early age and abided by that and with great perseverance, dedication and many sleepless nights got to this stage, here writing my thoughts onto a screen, my own website, with a portfolio…of my photographs and artwork, doing what I always wanted to do (The reality has still not quite hit me yet). I’m barely past the first chapter in the book of my life, my journey has only just begun.

Dreams are not for people who are asleep, they merely navigate the next set of lights at the cross road in life, the one of many cross roads we stop at every day. It kills me that people are not given the opportunity like me to pursue their dreams, aspirations and ambitions, I feel fortunate that the wonderful people around me encourage me every day to carry on, to try new things, to meet new people, to dream more dreams, and it keeps me ticking, that constant source of inspiration. Really there are no walls or boundaries to what you can and cannot believe in, I believe everyone should have a chance to make their dream real with all good intentions.
Really this blog post is more than a rant, or a bit of outlet on a day I’m feeling particularly sensitive, this is me appreciating the opportunities I took, realising what I wonderful person I am for guiding the people around me,  as they’ve guided me and remembering to never take life and it’s mad curveballs that it throws for granted.

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my favourite movies, a movie that taught me how to successfully skip school age 8 and still become a success.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller’s, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

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