I got electrocuted today, fixing a hoover, never has a woman suffered so hard for the sake of domestic cleanliness.

My entire day was spent looking at internships, train times, coach prices and I think I’m gonna apply for a Boohoo internship, since Manchester is but a short ride away and all the other fashion houses, graphic design houses and photography studios seem so dull or far away and I know in myself I couldn’t be an office girl, restraining my creative mind to the same four walls answering calls and getting coffee is not what I am set to do on this earth.

 The house is currently under construction (design wise, not actually) and I felt I’ve grown up so much in the past year, that I wouldn’t of dared measure a coffee table and inquire into wood gloss prices, interior design always interested me from the days of moving my room round 5 times a year in my childhood.

Now I have space of my own to vent all my great ideas my Pinterest page has never been so adored and used.  Pinterest forced me after showing endless photographs of Basic tee’s/dresses to purchase not one, not two but three Basic tee dresses and a few slouchy tops, never got the hang of the basic look but I’m intrigued and must explore more, more so now that I got the greatest confidence boost the ability to slip into a UK size 6 dress and it to fall off me!!!!!! (which seems impossible being 5″11 with impossibly long legs and wide hips, this has never happened in the history of ever) I’ve always floated between 8’s 10’s for tops and 10’s and 12’s in pants due to the length. This made me a very happy Stephi.

 Update: I made a Youtube account and a beautiful pastel banner made from an oil slick photograph, I like the oil slick look it reminds me of the XX cover, of which I bought the vinyl in Urban Outfitters yesterday (glad I made it home with it after the thunder, lightning and torrential downpour with no jacket)

I’m deciding on the theme of my first video, perhaps a haul due to the excessive amounts of “holiday” shopping I’ve been done, if you catch my drift wink wink, nudge nudge.

For now I’m going to sit on the floor like a hippy and wait on the beautiful monochrome sofas that should be showing between now and 4pm.

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