Like every girl, we all wish we were Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffanys, in this DIY tutorial Dinner at Tiffanys (you see what I did there oooooh) I am going to be making a 2014 edition of the classic blue eye mask that Holly wears in the beginning of the movie.

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For this tutorial you will need:


  • an eye mask (I bought a 100% silk one)
  • spindle of cotton in your desired colours
  • scissors
  • a needle
  • a white pencil or dress making chalk
  • a good playlist (essential) or watch breakfast at tiffanys for inspo!

silk sleeping mask, fashion blog, diy tutorial, audrey hepburn, breakfast at tiffanys

Using your dress making chalk sketch out potential ideas onto the silk sleeping mask to get a guideline of how you intend the design to look ( I accidentally forgot to photograph this and jumped straight in.)

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Choose your colours from your sewing box

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I have chosen a pale duck egg blue, gold and black to represent the classic colours used in the original mask.

Sew through half the material using a running stitch, do not push the needle all the way through as this may feel uncomfortable when wearing the mask at night and counteracts the purpose of the eye mask, to protect your eyes. This technique may seem more difficult than anticipated as you’ll want to do a running stitch all the way through the material.

breakfast at tiffanys mask, sleeping mask, eyes,

stitch on the pattern you desire till you have both eyes complete

sleeping mask, diy tutorial, stephi lareine, teal, gold thread

mark out where you ideally would like to place the eyebrows, I drew on a slightly thicker and straighter pair to show a more modern take on a classic in the teal colour that is the original mask colour.


breakfast at tiffanys, iconic, sleeping mask, fashion blog, uk, diy tutorial

As a finishing touch I outlined the mask with a blue running stitch with a spare few minutes, just to snazz up the design and voila, you have your own 2014 Dinner At Tiffanys mask that I’m sure Audrey Hepburn would be proud of. Sleep in luxury zzzzz


Do you love Breakfast at Tiffanys? Also should I upload more DIY tutorials, I thoroughly enjoyed making this!

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