I hope you gathered by the title what this post entails, today I finished my first year of university, and how very swiftly it has gone by…but now it’s over I find myself with the resounding question that occurs every summer, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THIS SPARE TIME?!
Generally after a few weeks I get bored of not having any priorities or commitments and end up lusting to go back, although last year we made our 5 month long summer very productive, I quit smoking after 4 years, got myself into university, and generally sorted through my life and filtered out any bad aspects that pulled me down, a life detox.
Last year generally was the year of change as I also met my wonderful boyfriend at the end of 2012!

This year I have decided to detox my house, sell unwanted clothes and furniture and start acting more of an adult.
I have three holidays to save for, Dublin in July, South Wales the week after and Leeds Festival in August and due the recent circumstances of today I’ve now got a fourth for a Graphic Design and Photography related trip to Madrid in November, which we’re particularly excited for now! For the moment I’m going to focus on purely de-cluttering, blog ALOT more, build my portfolio, lose a stone or so and getting back into running and who knows maybe learn how to ride a bike (I know, almost 20 and I still haven’t learnt)
Can such madness be accomplished in all but 4 months? Who’s to say, I’ll create an update post by the end of September with a hopefully completely crossed off list of priorities.

Find me things to do with my summer, please.

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  1. June 18, 2014 / 1:09 pm

    This post is almost exactly relevant to me too… I've also finished my first year of uni (last month) and literally have no idea what to do until October! Also – it's funny you're going to South Wales because that's where I'm from ha! Plus I'm almost 20 and haven't learnt how to ride a bike (oh the shame). Hope you find lots of things to kill this time x

    Danielle, Cup of Loveliness

  2. June 23, 2014 / 12:32 pm

    Oh wow how convenient!!!!
    So much free time can be such a burden at times, hope you have a wonderful 4 months!!! 🙂 x

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